By Darren Franich
Updated October 12, 2011 at 05:11 PM EDT
DC Comics

There have been many interpretations of Batman over the years, but the aspect of the character that I’ve always enjoyed most is his cerebral side. Some of the best stories about the Caped Crusader are really Agatha Christie-style mysteries, with Bruce Wayne as a latter-day Hercule Poirot with a utility belt. (There’s a reason Batman first appeared in an issue of Detective Comics.) So it was intriguing to see that last month’s Batman #1 — part of DC’s company-wide reboot — instantly threw the reader into a legitimate whodunit, with evidence that implicated Bat-protege Nightwing in a brutal murder. In the opening pages of Batman #2, we see the hero quickly dispatch a robber gang, but then we’re in CSI territory, with Commissioner Gordon checking out the corpse’s wisdom teeth. Nightwing stops by to explain how his DNA got under the dead guy’s fingernails.

You can read the full issue when it hits stores Oct. 19. For now, check out EW’s full sneak peek here. Intrigued by the slow-burning mystery? Think Commissioner Gordon missed his calling as a Gotham’s most melancholic dentist?

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