By Sandra Gonzalez
Updated October 11, 2011 at 07:12 AM EDT
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Well, that’s two episodes down. So why don’t I feel like we’ve quite hit our stride in this new season just yet?

Many of you agreed with my assessment last week that House producers were forced to use the first episode of this season as damage control of sorts and that the episode — while generally good — was not a good indicator of where the season was headed.

Enter week two…

First bombshell: Foreman is the new Cuddy — minus the amazing legs. (House learned this after Foreman came to the prison and made a parole arrangement for him.) Overall, I like this decision. Foreman is just disconnected from House enough to — for now, anyway — keep his antics at bay. Part of me was hoping Wilson would get the job, but the problem here is that House is far too comfortable mowing over Wilson. That wouldn’t make things very interesting now, would it?

The rest of the episode was spent introducing us to Charlyne Yi’s character, Dr. Chi Park, a young doc who has problems on at least two levels: She can’t control her aggression and is too controlled by her family. I liked this character for a few reasons, and not the least of which was that she has so much quiet quirky ‘tude. Unfortunately, quirky has because sort of a bad word as of late (thanks, Zooey Deschanel). But don’t misinterpret its use in this instance. Yi’s character is not meant to be adorable, too-cute-to-be-real. She is real…and really odd. But it works for her. The last thing I wanted to see from any new addition to the cast was a Thirteen-clone — long, flowy hair and a sexy gaze. Also worth noting? This girl likes to fight. Nice. I wish they had given Odette Annable’s character the same kind of oomph, but maybe they’ll do so next week when [promo spoiler] her character returns. (Thirteen also makes an appearance next week.)

All these changes and the new additions are enough to keep me curious about what happens in the next few episodes. But I’m also more than ready to see the old team back together. I’m missing Chase (who wouldn’t?) and, though I never quite appreciated him enough before, I sort of miss Taub, too.

Now that the last of the introductions are out of the way, we’ve (generally) caught up on life at Princeton-Plainsboro, and House is settled back into his domain, hopefully we can now get on with life on House. I’m more than ready for a bit of stability…and I imagine House is, too, whether he knows it or not.

What did you think of this week’s episode readers?


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