Move over, Rebecca Black. The Internet has a new horrifically-bad-but-OMG-it’s-kind-of-catchy tune to get out of their collective heads.

Heart2Heart, a group whose appearance seems to be a leftover relic from the glory days of the boy-band years, released a video this week for their new single, “Facebook Official,” an insightful lyrical examination of the corporate takeover of an increasingly capitalistic society.

Just kidding. It’s about changing your relationship status on Facebook.

Watch the epic video—complete with choreography—below:

I have a LOT of questions: First of all, in order to be considered a parody, does the group have to know that it is, in fact, performing a spoof?

With over half a million views already, should I be rounding up some friends to get our topical Halloween costumes in order? And your eyes didn’t deceive you: That is the real Lance Bass showing up at :17. Are you sitting down? The former NSYNCer is Heart2Heart’s mentor. You can personally blame him for this atrocity.

Top 5 questionable lyrics:

5.’Heart2Heart is back/ FB chat poppin’ on my Mac.’

4.’C’mon/ Myspace is dead/ I’m checking your page to see what you said.’

3.’Heart on your page/Heart, heart on your page/let’s make it official.’

2. ‘Can you confirm this request/Agree to my terms of service.’

1.’Status update/what/checking pics of your butt.’

And the world weeps. What are your ‘favorite’ lyrics?

I just checked, and the song is available on iTunes. The tune is brand-new, but a Facebook singalong seems a little 2009. I’m just waiting for the inevitable sequel: “I’d Follow You: An Ode to Twitter.” Music Mixers, what do you think?

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