By Jeff Labrecque
October 11, 2011 at 09:40 PM EDT

Hank Williams Jr., whose comments comparing President Obama to Hitler cost him his role as the pied piper of Monday Night Football, visited The View today to explain himself. Wearing a vintage Mickey Mantle New York Yankees jersey, the 62-year-old pleaded ignorance about the explosiveness of his analogy — “I didn’t go to Harvard, Joy” — claimed he initiated his parting of the ways with Monday Night Football — “I told my manager you can tell ESPN and Disney, ‘Adios'” — and held himself up as freedom-of-speech martyr. “My daughter said, ‘Daddy, are you in trouble,” Williams said. “‘They’re going to pull [your song].’ If I am [in trouble] than we all are.”

Williams wasn’t adversarial, and the ladies wisely let him run off at the mouth, interrupting occasionally only to keep him on point. That allowed him to uncork such gems as, “Never kick a cow turd on a hot day,” and “[Disney] is a mean mouse and he has stepped in to that pile at ESPN…” Watch a clip below:

Williams is quite the character, but his appearance didn’t seem to be about defending his remark as much as it seemed designed to plug the Hank Williams Jr. business. “As of May 1 in 2012, ladies and gentleman,” he said with relish, “me and my song will be free agents.”

Really, Hank? You mean that same song that you sold-out 20-some years ago to professional football and which is now tainted by your political ramblings can be recycled by some other company or event? That is one big cow turd.

Do you think Hank Williams has a future in popular entertainment? In politics? Can you imagine his iconic song, “All My Rowdy Friends…” getting a second third life after all this?

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