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Updated October 11, 2011 at 12:00 PM EDT


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Fringe fans can attest that the show has been creatively soaring this season. And this week’s episode is no exception, John Noble told EW last week during a set visit.

“I love that episode,” he told reporters, explaining that while Walter fears the world outside the lab, he’s more worried about going back to St. Claire’s mental institution if he’s deemed “too unstable and unnecessary.” He explained: “The episode where he does go out is to prove a point. It’s to say, ‘Look, I’m alright’ — whether he is or not, you’ll have to wait and see.”

You can check out the full chat with Noble below, which was fittingly conducted inside Walter’s incredibly elaborate bedroom. In fact, most of the Fringe set is quite similar in that aspect — every piece seems placed with care and thought. That’s quite a nerve-wracking situation for a group of accident-prone bloggers to find themselves in, but everyone managed to walk away unscathed — minus one close call involving a falling exam lamp.

Having been on a few TV sets, what I loved most about the Fringe set was that for show so grounded in surreal situations, the stage felt quite real. Walter’s bed was cozy. (I know because I tested it.) By the bed, a half-full glass of water was placed on the nightstand, next to a slightly worn record (Peter, Paul and Mary In Concert, for those wondering). And one of Walter’s incredibly cozy-looking sweaters hung on a chairback. As a result of all this attention to detail, I didn’t want to touch a thing. This might sound strange, but I felt a bit intrusive — like Walter wouldn’t want me there.

But that’s the magic of being on the Fringe set. It suddenly made sense why I was so invested in this world — because it is a world. I just appreciate it a little more now. (And I’m not going to lie — meeting the cow sealed the deal.)

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