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It’s Monday night…you know what that means. Time for the Internet to weigh in on Ashton Kutcher’s fourth go-round on Two and a Half Men. Many deride it, but it’s quickly becoming the little big show that could. While there was a drop off from the previous week, over 17 million viewers (!) tuned in last Monday. The numbers don’t lie. For whatever reason — Love of the show? Shirtless Kutcher? Morbid curiosity? — people are still watching.

This week’s episode centered on the continuing romantic woes of Kutcher’s helpless billionaire character, Walden. I think my favorite part of the show this season may be that we’re expected to believe Walden can’t get a girlfriend. Sure, he’s in love with his soon-to-be ex-wife, but even Berta got some (from the nine-fingered man) this episode. Stay classy, Two and a Half Men. Realism fail: When Cryer’s having sexytimes upstairs and Kutcher is sad on the couch down below, something doesn’t compute. How is everyone in that house getting laid except for Kutcher’s Walden?

All that changed, however, when Walden went to a bar and found Mrs. Right: Guest star Jenny McCarthy. McCarthy was previously on the show as Charlie’s crazy, con-artist ex. With Mr. Harper no longer around, she needed a new sugar daddy. Cue Walden. They had sex all over the house and, in the process, — hot diggity dog — tried to give Walden a catchphrase. Two and a Half Men: Stop trying to make ‘diggity’ happen. It’s not going to happen.

The show is still making plenty of Charlie jokes: “Fell, pushed, jumped, whatever the verb, the end result was Charlie Tar-Tar.” Har, har. And, for me, it still feels like Ashton Kutcher is ASHTON KUTCHER: a separate entity that isn’t gelling with the rest of the show. I love him, but I never forget that it’s Kutcher I’m watching as opposed to a TV character.

PopWatchers: Sticking around, or was four times enough? For those who did watch, why’d you tune in? What’s been your favorite Kutcher moment so far?

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