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Dean Winchester, you’re breaking my heart.

After last week’s nail-biter episode left us with a monster of a cliffhanger, we picked up this week’s Supernatural just moments later. But what unfolded was nothing like what I’d expected from this episode, which, by the way, was directed by Jensen Ackles. [Don’t read any further if you haven’t watched Friday’s Supernatural.]

I had expected this week’s episode to take place primarily in the hospital, where Sam and Dean had been taken after a bad run-in with a Leviathan. But all the suspense and worry that had built up around their predicament peaked before the opening credits even rolled. Weird. After that, I wasn’t sure what to expect.

Wait, that’s a lie. I went to Comic-Con and had seen a short preview, so I knew that this episode would feature a return from mini-Sam (Colin Ford), flashbacks to Sam’s first kiss, and revolve around a hunt that hit close to home for our Moose. But I didn’t know how it would all tie together…and I certainly didn’t expect that final-minute twist with Dean that made me audibly gasp.

So how did it come together? I’m glad I asked on your behalf.

After escaping the hospital, we flashed forward three weeks and found a cast-sporting Dean watching novellas and Sam still rattled by hallucinations. While on a solo outing to fetch food and pie (he 50 percent failed in his mission), two-legs read in the local paper that a string of murders was taking place. But the M.O. was more than familiar to Sam.

The rest of the hour used a combination of flashbacks and present-day scenes to explain how Sam had once, as a kid, had a run-in with the young version of the monster that was now doing the killings — and, I might add, he also scored his first kiss from her. That’s right, people, Sam’s had his monster attractions since he was a kid. Geez, this boy clearly has a type.

Sam stole Dean’s car and took off on his own to confront the girl, named Amy, and threatened to kill her because she was clearly no longer innocent. But she appealed to him, saying she was only killing because her son needed fresh meat to get over a sickness. Now that he was healed, she was done killing, she said. She also played that whole I-killed-my-mom-to-save-you card.

So Sam let her go. This was sort of a relief to me because it showed that no matter how broken Sam is, he’s still Sam. That was something that had been worrying me — and, I imagine, worrying Sam as well. I’m glad Sam can, even with his broken noodle, still see the gray areas of a situation. Dean, on the other hand, seems to see things as black and white as ever.

After catching up with Sam, Dean tracked Amy to a motel and told her that no matter how much she doesn’t want to be a monster, another time will come where she will have to be. And he couldn’t let that happen, and he killed her. That was enough to make me cringe — and, I admit, want to cry a little. But then we realized her son saw the whole thing from the doorway. TRAGIC!

It reminded me a little bit of season 2’s “Heart,” where Sam has to shoot the werewolf he developed feelings for. Deep down I know Dean didn’t want to do it, but he’s so focused on the bad things in life right now, he only sees her as a killer on the loose and not a person/mother. I guess he has a point, but it was still sad to see him take that leap. Sam may be the one with the broken psyche, but Dean’s the one with the broken spirit. One is certainly not worse than the other, but right now, it’s Dean’s ailment that’s worrying me — especially after this episode.

So, readers, did Dean go too far? Should he have killed Amy? I ask because I honestly don’t have an answer.

[Preview spoilers:] Next week’s episode deals with guilt, so I’m hoping we see him show some remorse for this. That will make me feel a little better. He was so cold to Amy’s son, I need to see that he feels bad for doing it. If he’s not, then I’m really worried.

Other thoughts: Did you catch the My Bloody Valentine 3-D reference? (There was a commercial for it playing while Dean was watching TV.) How many times is Sam going to get smacked in the head next week? We should start a betting pool. Did you love that Dean is “Lars Ulrich” in Sam’s phone? How creepy was Amy’s son’s threat to Dean? And what did you think of Ackles’ second go as a director?

This was a heavy episode, but here are some of the lighter moments. (QUOTABLES!)

“Suicidio.” — Dean, watching novellas

“Before you bail again, Girl, Interrupted over there. Any thoughts?” — Dean to Bobby

Dean: Where’s the pie?

Sam: I got cake. Close enough, right?

[Dean’s face: Hell no]

“I know good when I see it.” — young Sam. (Yes, this isn’t technically a funny line, but I laughed because my viewing buddy and I agreed that it was a really good pick-up line. Little Sam’s got game!)

“New rule — you steal my baby, you get punched.” — Dean

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