By Sandra Gonzalez
Updated December 20, 2019 at 04:17 AM EST
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Happy Friday, friends!

I’ve had a long and exhausting week trolling the sets of your favorite shows in rainy (but completely lovely) Vancouver, and it’s paid off. Not only have I walked away from my travels with a new love for all things (and people) Canadian, but I come back to my motherland with plenty of TV bounty.

And before you dig in, remember to send me your questions about everything you’re watching. From the highly acclaimed (Good Wife?) to the pleasantly culty (Vampire Diaries?), I want to hear what’s on your brains. Send all queries to and remember, as always, to follow me on Twitter (@EWSandraG) for the latest.


I’ve been on a bit of a Supernatural high lately, and I hope I never come down. First, therewas wedding scoop, and then I was lucky enough to pop onto the set. If this continues, I’m canceling Christmas because nothing can top this! Anyhoo, I did make sure to save a little nugget for my little nuggets. And it comes from executive producer Sera Gamble, who helped clear up a little confusion about Cas’ (Misha Collins) eminent return. When we last saw him, he was falling to pieces because of the Leviathans, and shortly before that, he was sweet, remorseful angel Cas, leaving us to wonder: Which will we see? “The best way I can be coy about it is to say you’ll see Misha again,” she said. “There are so many versions you have seen him play on the show, but I can’t tell you what we’re planning. Hopefully it’ll not be what people have predicted, but we’ll see.”

Meanwhile, one person we won’t be seeing for a bit is Mark Pellegrino, who reprised his role as Lucifer in the first two episodes. “I’m sad to report you won’t see Mark Pellegrino in the next few, which isn’t to say you won’t see him again, because we adore him,” she says. “But this is something Sam will have to deal with and contend with pretty much on an on-going basis. It’s just a part of who he is, in a way, now. This thing happens to him and his brain has been changed, his psyche has been changed, and luckily, now he is starting to figure out ways to deal with it.

Not dealing so well with the pressure of what’s going on around him? Dean, who in tonight’s episode will “run into a decision that he has to make, and it’s so influenced by his state of mind coming out of what happened with Cas and what’s been going on with his brother. We see that everything — right down to the hunter’s instincts that he’s been running on for the life of the show — everything has been changed by the loss that he suffered and by losing faith and trust in Castiel and by not knowing if he can trust Sam,” she says.


When Fringe‘s Peter returns – and we know it will be soon – one could expect that his reappearance won’t happen seamlessly. But will it be blatantly unwelcome? That’s what Jasika Nicole hinted when a small group of reporters visited the Fringe set earlier this week. (Full report on the fun soon!) “Peter’s reintegration into this world, the transition is really difficult,” she said. “So there’s not an immediate, ‘Okay, we’re back to where we were before.’ It takes a while. I don’t even know if it will fully get to a good place. So far, it’s just a battle, which is cool because it would be weird if everyone just went back to the way things use to be.”

And this “battle,” she said, is more than a simple conflict of feelings. “It’s not a welcome home. And it might even be the opposite of a welcome home. Might.”

But as if dealing with Peter’s return isn’t enough for the Fringe team to deal with, Nicole said a later episode will introduce a new reason for the universes to join forces, “otherwise everything is just going to go crazy.” “All I can say really is that there is something from the past, past, past — and you have to think we’re in a different reality now — something in the past has come back,” she said. “There is a possibility that there is an outside force that has nothing to do with these universes but is affecting these universes. And you discover what it is.”

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Last Monday’s episode of House took us out of Princeton-Plainsboro and into a correctional facility that House called home for several months. This week, we’ll find ourselves back in the hospital – but be warned, time has passed and things are very different.

Along with a new Dean of Medicine (um, you didn’t think I’d say who, right?) we’ll learn that much of House’s old team has moved on, leaving him with a sole team member, played by comedic actress Charlyne Yi. But make no mistake, her character is no laughing matter. In fact, the highly intelligent, awkward doc has a lot on her plate when we meet her, and, quite unsuspectingly, struggles with controlling her aggression. But it’s through her unique blend of personality traits that helps her break the ice with House, despite their rocky start.

“I think she wants to like him,” says Yi. “I think she’s definitely fascinated, and she’s heard things about him. She knows she’s smart enough to take him on, though. I think she wants to be up to par on him. I don’t think she doesn’t like him — I think she’s thrown off by him … she’s very intrigued by the way he goes about things.”

Looking forward, Yi says that after establishing a relationship with House as his sole team member for this next episode, her character will not look too kindly to the added competition of House’s old team. “I think she’s kind of cold [to them],” says Yi. “She doesn’t know how to deal with people. I don’t think she’s the most social person – and I don’t think she minds not being the most social person, either.”

(Look for more with Yi, including the fascinating story about her plans before taking her role on House, a little later today.)


Credit: Lewis Jacobs/NBC

American Horror Story scared the weirdo pants off me. Must know what happens in the episode Ryan Murphy teased. The one where we find out why Jessica Lange’s character killed the maid. – Steph

Well, of course I can’t tell you why she killed her! But I can say that you find out in the opening minutes, and possibly get the answer to a big question you had about the maid from the moment we met her.

My love for Parks and Recreation knows no end. So I will take anything you have. Any scrap of scoop left on the floor for small woodland creatures to eat? – Katrina

Someone’s getting a new love interest next week and it, quite literally, comes from within the Parks family. (Well, someone’s family.)

Thanks for showing a little love for Happy Endings, Sandra. Now, give me a little scoop on the episode featuring Megan Mullally! – Sara

If you’re greatest wish is to see Megan Mullally do a cover of Natalie Imbruglia’s “Torn,” prepare you have your life made. And it’s even greater than our First Look of the Oct. 12 episode, which brings Penny’s mom (Mullally) to town, might suggest. Other things that took this episode from awesome to awesomely epic? A lovely shout-out to Gilmore Girls and Mullally’s Tammy-esque blow-up.

Thanks for all the fresh Dexter scoop! I can’t wait to see where they go with Edward James Olmos and Colin Hanks’ characters. Any scoop? – Alma

This Sunday you’re going to meet someone from Hanks’ character’s life that is going to give his backstory a little perspective. And you’ll also get a bit more insight into his weird relationship with Olmos.

Credit: Lewis Jacobs/NBC

Thanks for the great article about The Walking Dead in EW! But what can you tease about the “shocking” moment that leads the team to Hershel’s farm? – Dorian

You have Dalton Ross to thank for that prime preview! And while I unfortunately can’t say much about said shocking moment, I can promise you the lead-up will have your stomach in a knot! A few of my other favorite things about the premiere? Seeing Andrea kick some major ass — and the introduction of a new, high-stakes subplot (as if staying alive wasn’t enough!).

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I would love you forever if you could uncover any sign of when Chuck and Blair actually interact on this season of Gossip Girl. Will she tell him she’s pregnant any time soon? — Emily

I have uncovered. And yes.

Credit: Lewis Jacobs/NBC

Please, please, please give us some Chuck/Blair news! Or just a hint of how Chuck reacts to Blair’s pregnancy? #GG — @l0lliver

If I tell you about his reaction, it will definitely give away an important part of this plotline, so I can’t say what happens specifically. But you’ll be talking about it the day after. Believe. Me. And don’t forget to send me your reactions!

Do you know when we are going to see this Chuck/Blair/Louis triangle [Josh] Safran keeps talking about? There hasn’t been a Chair scene. — @wrightst3

The important thing is that there will be a Chair scene this season… and it will happen very soon. But I don’t think that sets this whole thing in motion as much as the great scene between Chuck and Louis will. (Note: The season’s first Chair scene and the aforementioned caucus of well-dressed gentlemen are not in the same ep.)

We know that Blair is going to try to keep the pregnancy a secret, but can we get some scoop on just how long she will be able to keep it from everyone? My guess is not too long. Thank you. — Melissa

Your guess would be correcto. In fact, three very important people learn the news next week. One could be someone mentioned above.

What the Duck is going on with Chuck and Dan? Is Duck the new Date? #gossipgirl — @simplecrazy8810

By the end of ep. 4, let’s just say Duck is on much better terms than Date after one half of Date gets his feelings hurt. I hate lover’s (?) quarrels.

I need some Klaine scoop more than I need the basic necessities of life. Help a girl out! – Rebecca

Let’s not be over-dramatic here, Becs. Think about it: If you gave up, say, oxygen, you’d be a goner before you could enjoy this tidbit from Chris Colfer that EW’s Lanford Beard scooped up over the weekend during The New Yorker Festival. Specifically, Colfer talked about Sebastian, the just-cast character who is rumored to come between Kurt and Blaine. “Finally, [you see] a lot of development with them and this Sebastian character,” he said. Of Grant Gustin, who plays Sebastian, Colfer also begged the audience, “Don’t be mean to Grant. It’s not his fault!” Personally, I’m not too worried about someone coming between these two permanently. And by the sounds of it, neither is Colfer. “After this next script, I’ve never loved Kurt and Blaine more. They’re a modern version of Lucy and Ricky — obviously I’m Lucy.”

Credit: Lewis Jacobs/NBC

Psych news would make my day! Pretty please with pineapples on top! – Nic

Glad you asked. Last night at I was lucky enough to go to the show’s Fan Appreciation Day at Ziegfeld Theater (look for a full run-down of the fun later today!) and creator Steve Franks dropped intel on the season 6 finale, titled “Neal Simon’s Lovers Retreat.” Apparently, the episode finds Shawn and Juliet taking a trip — and they “have to leave Gus behind.” NO! BROS BEFORE… well, you know the phrase. And here’s a bit of trivia about the ep: It also happens to be the most expensive episode of Psych ever.

Am I the only one left watching The Ringer? Haven’t seen any requests for scoop! – Deb

May I assume this is one? No time to answer, I will. An upcoming episode is going to introduce us to Dr. Anabel, Bridget’s therapist. Stage actress Merle Dandridge has been cast in the possible recurring role. Also, can we just take a minute to reflect on how much “Dr. Anabel” reminds us of “Dr. Bobby” from Friends? Anyone? Just me? Okay.

(James Hibberd, Lanford Beard, and Erin Strecker contributed to this column.)

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