If there was a prize for Comeback of the Year at the Grammys, this year’s award would almost certainly go to former Oasis cornerstone Noel Gallagher. His forthcoming album High Flying Birds is full of the sort of ambling melodies and crisp songwriting that got lost in the wash some time around Be Here Now, representing a welcome return of one of the most inspired songwriters of the ’90s.

Gallagher just released the second single from High Flying Birds. It’s called “AKA … What a Life!” and features a music video that picks up where the clip for “The Death of You and Me” (the album’s first single) left off. Also, it stars Russell Brand as a sort of gypsy/wizard/lion tamer sort of guy. It’s a wildly entertaining eight minute head trip — the perfect antidote to a Friday afternoon. Watch the clip below.

It appears as though the saga of the woman in the blue dress is over, wrapping up a triptych that began with the video for “If I Had a Gun.” Considering all three videos in the trilogy were pretty awesome, that makes Gallagher’s project the most successful video trilogy of all time, easily besting Axl Rose’s “Don’t Cry”/“November Rain”/“Estranged” triple-shot. Way to not cast Stephanie Seymour or include weird-looking digital dolphins in your videos, Noel!

Gallagher certainly knows how to steal from the best. Over the course of the clip, the EW music video analysis team spotted references to El Topo, The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus, Alice in Wonderland, Thelma & Louise, and Natural Born Killers. Did you spot any that we might have missed? Leave your cinematic insights in the comments below.


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