Much love for Neil Patrick Harris, YOUR picks from Emmys Winners and Losers, and more

He’s Come a Long Way, Baby

The greatest thing about Neil Patrick Harris‘ ”My Hollywood Survival Guide” wasn’t that it was a bitingly clever retrospective, which it was. Instead, the best part was that it spoke to me personally. I’m a high school math teacher, and I feel like his seven tips to doing well in showbiz are just as applicable to the field I chose (especially my favorite, ”Don’t Be a Douche”). I loved Doogie, but I love Neil even more.

Anna Patterson


Thank you, NPH, for solving a mystery that has been plaguing me for years: the name of your made-for-TV movie Snowbound: The Jim and Jennifer Stolpa Story! What’s more, thank you for staying relevant, and for being proud of all the waves you’ve ridden in Hollywood.

Julie Sabor

San Antonio

Fangs for the Memories

When I was a kid, it was a must that I would make it home in time from school to watch Dark Shadows. Anytime I was being punished, my mom wouldn’t ground me; she would just take away my favorite show. I cannot wait to see Tim Burton’s version, and Johnny Depp makes a perfect Barnabas Collins.

Sharon Houle

Waterville, Maine

Not the Same Old Song and Dance

Based on what I’ve heard so far, I am eagerly awaiting the midseason series Smash (Feedback). I love the backstage-showbiz theme, I’ve been a Katharine McPhee fan for years, and I would watch Anjelica Huston in anything. It looks like this show could easily live up to its name.

Tom Thor


The Right Steff

I love James Spader (News and Notes). But if he’s reluctant to comment on Pretty in Pink — the reason anyone in my generation loves him to begin with — it’s insulting. Beautiful movie, great role, and he was brilliant.

Bill Cooper

Washington, D.C.

Way Off Base

While I generally enjoyed Owen Gleiberman’s review of Moneyball (Movies), my mind kept wandering back to his curt dismissal of Field of Dreams in the opening lines. To write the film off as ”mystical sports-in-the-cornfield corn” is to miss the point. While it requires suspension of disbelief, and I doubt many others have ever compared Iowa to heaven, at the heart of it is a theme as old as America’s pastime: a son connecting with his father. It may be magical, but then again, so much about film (and baseball) is.

Tyler Thurston


Living for Dead

I was very grateful for your Walking Dead preview — like many fans, I am beyond excited for the twists, turns, and, dare I say, nauseating thrills ahead.

Jennifer Galindo

Westland, Mich.

Emmys: Your Winners and Losers

We certainly weren’t shy about naming the MVPs and also-rans of the big night (News and Notes) — and neither were you. Here, readers defend and dismiss some of the small screen’s most enduring staples.

The Emmys have messed up a lot in the past in terms of snubbing actors, so it was a surprise when Friday Night LightsKyle Chandler was finally rewarded for playing one of the greatest TV characters of all time, Coach Eric Taylor.

John Poffenbarger

Elkton, Md.

You suggested that The Amazing Race gracefully bow out of the competition. But what about The Daily Show With Jon Stewart? Scott Caan even joked about its frequent wins when introducing the nominees. I’d be thrilled if it could sit out next year.

Donna Holstein

New York City

The Amazing Race shouldn’t be taken out of consideration just because it wins so much. Other reality shows should boost their quality to keep up. Separately, Charlie Sheen was right to attend. I’m not a fan, but he was as entitled to be there as any other actor.

Keith Houston

Canyon, Tex.

On each season of The Office, Steve Carell delved deeper into his character, peeling back the layers of Michael Scott. He may have lost to The Big Bang Theory‘s Jim Parsons, but he’ll always be a champion of TV comedy to me.

Courtney White


Field of Dreams
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