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Michael Myers, Freddy Krueger, and even Pinhead have got nothing on this hell-raiser. Just look at him — high on tiger blood, wrath, and headlines, Charlie Sheen is one of the most frightening(ly hilarious?) figures of 2011. So, as hard as it is to resist being Sheen this Halloween (it even rhymes!), you must not impersonate the “winning” walking punchline this holiday. Why? Well, it’s impossible to score when when you choose the most unoriginal costume on Oct. 31. And, in 2011, Sheen will be unoriginal. In fact, according to CNNMoney, the former Two and a Half Men star is the top choice for costumes this year.

Sure, there are plenty of options when it comes to a Sheen costume: You could be crazy webcam Charlie (see above), crazy Vatican assassin Charlie, or some creative iteration of crazy Charlie’s worldview brought to visual life. But if you’ve thought of it, it’s likely someone else already has too, and there’s nothing worse than showing up to a party with the same demonic minion as another warlock. So embarrassing!

But that’s not all you should avoid: It’s safe to say anything involving Two and a Half Men will already be represented (pixelated Ashton Kutcher, ghost Angus T. Jones, because where is he?), and another popular costume choice, zombies (thanks Walking Dead!), is to 2011 as vampires were to 2010. It’s already been done, folks — even the other day on Wall Street.

So what do us pop-culture savants do? How are we going to truly win on Halloween? This is your forum, friends. Let’s share our most creative and relevant ideas in the comments below to help each other out. (Of course, you might want to save your most creative and relevant idea for yourself.) There’s only three weeks to go, so let’s get started preparing for the most perfect and bitchin’ Halloween ever. I’m keeping my best idea close to the vest, but I’ll start with the first suggestion, a tribute to the dearly departed Steve Jobs: Sad Mac.

Your turn.

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