Justin Bieber Mistletoe

Oh baby, indeed.

At his concert last night, Justin Bieber performed his brand-new song “Mistletoe,” announcing, “This is the very first time anywhere in the world that I’ve sang this. So this is special. This is just for you.” Cue the screams.

The song is from his forthcoming Christmas album Under the Mistletoe, coming out (mark your calendars!) November 1. Of course, the Biebs can sing whatever he wants on his Christmas album–it’s going to be a huge hit. “Mistletoe,” a totally unnecessary addition to the Christmas music canon, is classic Bieber in his element. He just wants a little alone time with his lady. Bieber is just looking for somebody to love, just as long as there’s Yuletide cheer in the vicinity.

Watch the blurry concert footage below.

Besides giving teens plenty of fantasies about kissing the crooner underneath a sprig of the green stuff, what else is there to say? There are reasons to be concerned about the chorus, which appears to be, “Youuuuu/ Shorty with you/ With youuuuu/ Shorty with you/ youuuuu/ Under the mistletoe.” I mean, I assume he’s saying ‘starting with you’ (Player alert!) but tell me it doesn’t sound like an ode to short chicks. As a short chick, I say no thank you. Maybe he’s saying shawty? Clearly this is bothering me.

Let’s hope that duet with Mariah Carey pans out better. At least that track has some good source material. Either way, you can expect these songs to underscore your hellish trips to the mall after Thanksgiving wraps, which is the best reason to do your holiday shopping online I’ve ever heard.

Music Mix-ers: Agree, or am I just a holiday scrooge? Dare I say, it could be worse? Roast your chestnuts on the open comment fire below.

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