Human Centipede 2

Controversial horror sequel Human Centipede 2 will be screened in UK cinemas after all. In June, the British Board of Film Classification announced that it was refusing to give a certificate to the London-set movie — which stars Laurence R. Harvey as a parking garage attendant who attaches around a dozen people together to create the titular monstrosity — on the grounds that it was potentially obscene. But today the BBFC reversed that decision and granted Human Centipede 2 an “18” classification, after the distributors agreed to make 32 cuts.

In a statement, BBFC president Sir Quentin Thomas, said “When we first examined this work earlier this year we judged that, as submitted, it was unsuitable for classification; and, as we explained to the company, we could not ourselves see how cuts could produce a viable and classifiable work. That remains the view of one of our Vice Presidents, Gerard Lemos, who is therefore abstaining from the Board’s collective decision.”

The BBFC’s decision is sure to delight the film’s writer-director Tom Six, who has wrung the maximum amount of publicity out of the BBFC’s original ruling. Six recently told EW that, when he heard about the ban, “Immediately, I got two strong emotions. One is like, ‘My god, I’m up there now with the Texas Chainsaw Massacre and stuff.’ So that was a proud moment and I knew for marketing reasons that would be amazing. [But] I was really mad, because how can you tell adults not to watch a movie? That’s crazy. That’s from the dinosaur era. Everybody can import films, watch them on the Internet. Banning is not for this time anymore. The BBFC is really promoting illegal downloading.”

Human Centipede 2 opens in America tomorrow. Will you be going to see it? What do you think of the BBFC’s change of heart?

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