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Jensen Ackles and Jared Padelecki couldn’t say much about the wedding that has fans in a tizzy. But during a press visit to the set of Supernatural yesterday, Padalecki did say that one of the brothers’ trip to the altar is as unexpected to the other brother as it was to fans. “The gist of it is that these characters have been through a lot,” he said. “Dean in relationships and Sam in relationships, and now — it kind of comes out of the blue — but there is going to be a character who gets married. And it’s kind of confusing to the other character, naturally, but it all spells itself out pretty quickly.”

Meanwhile, Ackles opened up about Dean’s as-of-yet unspecified struggles, which last week found him making an emotional phone call to Bobby. “It’s a lot of that inner struggles that’s been dragging along for six years,” he said. “Dean’s got his issues that he’s constantly dealing with — the guilt and the lifestyle, in general, the fact that he feels like he let his brother down and may not be able to protect people the way he use to be able to. It’s a ‘weight of the world’ thing.”

You can view the full press Q&A in the video below. Two must-watch portions? 1) Where I embarrass myself around the 1:30-mark and 2) The end, where Padalecki describes Sam as “wacky.”

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This morning, the Supernatural fun continued as a band of press folk were given a tour of the rainy Vancouver set, where the treats included a photo session with the Impala, a tour of a set that I can say absolutely nothing about, and a trip to the Supernatural prop room, where assistant prop master Don McGill (pictured, below) gave us a short trip through Supernatural history, particularly pointing out that they like to keep “mom and dad” on display and held up photos of the brothers’ parents. This earned him a loud “awww” from the reporters in the cramped room. Oh, and before you ask, yes, I got to hold the Colt. It was magical — and no one was injured.

Credit: Lewis Jacobs/NBC

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