Credit: Richard Foreman

A lot of thoughts went through my head while I sat in theaters watching Drive [Mini Spoiler Alert!]: They ranged from This movie is awesome! to Wouldn’t it hurt your foot to kick in someone’s face? to even WOAH! There goes her head. There was one thought, though, that recurred throughout the film and has come back to me even now as I reminisce about Drive‘s finer moments: Ryan Gosling’s white scorpion jacket was totally sweet.

Shortly after seeing the film, I decided that the nameless “Driver,” a simultaneously savage and loveable stunt driver/vigilante, would be the perfect costume for Halloween 2011. It’s simple, recognizable, and proves to your friends that you are, in fact, masculine enough to shove a bullet down their throats while still appreciating an artistic film. So what if I loved Midnight in Paris? Mind your own business.

All I need is a pair of leather driving gloves, a toothpick, a hammer, a winning smile/emotionless grimace and the jacket, which, thanks to the good people at Steady Clothing, is now available for $159.99.

Sadly, the limited first run of the movie replica doesn’t ship until Nov. 11, so the only party to which I’ll be able to “Wear the jacket. Be the driver” is Thanksgiving. It would certainly make carving the turkey more exciting. Here’s hoping that big box costume stores come up with a less authentic — read: cheap — version before Oct. 31.

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