Playboy Club

If the ratings weren’t a sign that The Playboy Club wasn’t long for this world, perhaps NBC choosing not to air a promo for next week’s episode after last night’s episode was. In any event, below, we pay tribute to this fall’s first fallen show.

P.S. We might have been more interested in this show if it wasn’t focused on the Bunnies, but instead centered on Sean (Sean Maher), the closeted gay politico married to closeted lesbian Bunny Alice who just became the campaign manager for State’s Attorney hopeful/former fixer for the Mob Nick Dalton (Eddie Cibrian). In the third and final episode to air, Sean set Nick up with the closeted lesbian daughter of a tycoon who could get her daddy to back his campaign. The daughter (Cassidy Freeman) wants her father’s approval, and Nick wants voters to see him with a Jackie Kennedy-type instead of his real girlfriend Carol-Lynne (Laura Benanti), the first Playboy Bunny who recently retired her tail to become the Bunny Mother. Sean’s story is less predictable than Bunny baggage.

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