By Stephan Lee
Updated July 30, 2020 at 06:24 PM EDT
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, the tiny star of 2010’s cutest YouTube sensation, is expanding his media empire. The little dude, who seems alternately amazed and saddened by his own itty-bitty existence, will be releasing a children’s book, Marcel the Shell with Shoes On: Things About Me (out Nov. 1). He also has a television show in development, according to a Jezebel interview with creators Jenny Slate and Dean Fleischer-Camp.

The best part about the Marcel the Shell video is his tentative, pipsqueak voice (performed by Slate, a former Saturday Night Live cast member), so it’s a good thing that Slate has recorded an accompanying audio version. As for the print book, it looks as though Marcel will continue curating the weird items that make up his lovely life and showing off his incredible talents, with some repeats from the video, and some all new revelations. Did you know Marcel climbs a sandal once or twice a year? Perhaps the lush, “photo realist oil painting style” of the illustrations will make up for the lack of Marcel’s voice and stop-motion walk in the print edition.

And in case you somehow haven’t been introduced to Marcel yet, or you just want to revisit:

Are you excited about the children’s book? The possible TV show?

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