By Darren Franich
Updated October 04, 2011 at 09:01 PM EDT
Paul Sakuma/AP Images

For months, the rumor mill has been buzzing that Apple was preparing to introduce the iPhone 5. Excitement for the product skyrocketed when Apple CEO Tim Cook announced a special iPhone-themed summit. Earlier today, Cook and various other Apple luminaries who aren’t Steve Jobs took the stage to introduce a raft of granular reforms, before getting to the big news. On October 14, Apple will release the iPhone 4S, which comes with plenty of smaller updates and one big one: A function called “Siri” which allows you to talk to your iPhone and have it respond to you, Star Trek-style. It’s an interesting update, but early response to the announcement generally ran the gamut from “So, no iPhone 5” to “Um, are you freaking kidding me!” (Apple shares slid a little after the presentation.)

It’s always hard to tell about a product’s long-term market potential based on short-term gut responses. But short-term gut responses are so much fun! So tell us, readers: How negative are your feelings about the iPhone 4S? Take the poll below:

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