By Darren Franich
October 04, 2011 at 07:54 PM EDT
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Even the most die-hard TV fans have their blind spots. Until a couple weeks ago, mine was Fringe. I had watched the series premiere way back in 2008, thought it felt like warmed-over X-Files with a dash of The Nutty Professor, and immediately checked out. While I was off falling victim to the short-lived charms of Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles and Kings, Fringe was slowly but surely transforming into an exciting, wholly unique TV show. (EW’s TV critic Ken Tucker named it the second-best series of 2010.) In preparation for the new season of Fringe, I marathoned through the show’s first three seasons — a Fringe binge. I’m a better person now, and I’m also working on a new romance self-help book, Olivia or Fauxlivia?: How To Make Sure Your Lover Hasn’t Been Replaced By an Alternate Universe Duplicate.

In the newest episode of our series The No Doctor Cop Lawyer Show, longtime Fringe fan Keith Staskiewicz and I talk about how Fringe found its footing by embracing its inner weirdness. We also try to make peace with the fact that this might be the last season. And maybe that’s okay. (Note: You will hear us refer to last week’s Fringe as “The premiere,” even though the show actually premiered two Fridays ago. This is because the episode was delayed due to the necessity for extensive post-production digital effects. We apologize for the confusion.)

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