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Updated October 04, 2011 at 11:52 PM EDT

Studies have shown that Hidden Gems of the Week,’s collection of reader-submitted ridiculata, is the best way to enjoy Dancing With the Stars without ever having to turn it on. It’s a visual feast of sparkles, fringe, and stunning awkwardness. Ready to go down the rabbit hole? Behold this bountiful smattering of Visible Gems!


“After Hope Solo thanked her teammates in the audience, a hilarious-looking older lady probably sitting behind them in the audience propped her head forward while looking in the direction of the camera. I need a screenshot of this woman who was clearly looking to replace the soon-to-be-former Mrs. Buzz Aldrin as Intergalactic Queen of the Ballroom Audience.” —Zach’s Fringe Fairy thinks this H.G. looks SO FAMILIAR and is going to try to try sifting through heaps of past jewels to find her! But she probably won’t!

“One of my favorite gems ever: The stairs opened to a spotlight with the upside-down shadows of (I think) Tom and BBC swaying to the DWTS theme!” —Lin

“While Tom was introducing Rob and Cheryl, the man in the tux directly behind him was staring directly into the camera, directly into our souls.” —Cindy, endorsed by Liz

“The light was bouncing off of Brooke’s microphone and it created a tiny mirrorball right above her hoo-hah.” —Amy in Pittsburgh, endorsed by tkemoses, Anthony, glenn

“During Rob’s pre-dance package, there was a shot of the Kardashian’s actually looking like normal people instead of the pod *coughplasticsurgeonedcough* people we know and ‘love.'” —Kelly, endorsed by duranmom

“Kim Kardashian being the last person to stand up for brother Rob.” —Kevin M. Kawa, endorsed by djadante, Jem Ho

“Chynna’s lipstick matched her hair flower which also matched the WOMAN BY THE STAIRS!” —MegJYay

“The slightest gleam from Tony’s Lite Brite teeth — reflected in the mirror!” Fringe Fairy

“Billy Baldwin’s little eyebrow raise after Chynna’s dance sort of said to me I’m going to keep smiling but whoa I’m not sure I’m such a big fan of my wife doing the steamy sexy love dance out there with another guy” —Jem Ho, endorsed by Alice, Ayje

“Loved Lacey’s “I’M PRO-BONO” shirt in rehearsal. Clever!” —Jem Ho, endorsed by Anthony

“A woman in a zebra printed shirt made it look like Len had weird wing-like ears, or it was coming out of his head.” —Kristen

“Len’s score for Chaz popping up on the screen before he showed his paddle.” —Lin

“One of the daughters in the Arquette clan (the one in pink, not Coco), practically passed out of boredom on the table because she couldn’t give a hot damn what a Kristin Cavallari is or what it was doing on the dance floor.” —Art, endorsed by Lorie

“It looked like there was a bug stuck in Kristen’s hair when she and Mark were listening to the judges after their dance.” —Hez, endorsed by SunBlitz42

“Carson and Anna standing together look like the most awesome prom picture.” —Amy in Pittsburgh, endorsed by CA, johoallen, duranmom, iggy

“Carson, literally wearing his heart on his sleeve.” —Kevin M. Kawa, endorsed by B, Nicole

“Carson is a dead ringer for the lead singer of ABC.” —Amy in Pittsburgh, endorsed by orville

“I literally giggled when I saw Derek’s mustache up close. I didn’t realize he had one!!” —Amy in Pittsburgh, endorsed by Jem Ho

“After Ricki’s dance, for a split second when they show Carson & Anna, they look like a two-headed hot pink creature of fabulousness.” —Jem Ho

“Whenever all three judges give the same score, Len does a little cheer! It’s as if he is just thrilled everyone is on the same glitter-fabulous-judge-worthy page. My roomie noticed it at the top of the show, we tracked it, and just after Derek & Ricki’s dance, he did it again! You’ll see the little pounding of the desk — Yes, you all can judge! Way to go!” —Call me Daphne, endorsed by duranmom, SunBlitz42

“Maks playing with Hopes hair before their dance. I nominate this because weeks 1 and 2 there were almsot no pictures of Maks in Hidden Gems. I’m pretty sure that’s a crime.” —Glitter and Sparkle, endorsed by B, socialandrea, DonnaW

“Hope’s hand hit the floor light at the end!” —socialandrea, endorsed by KWo

“Not so hidden gem: Maks teaching Hope the sexy walk. He knew you need your jacket unbottoned to demonstrate good technique. Hubba Hubba!” —dally, endorsed by Anthony

“Carrie Ann did NOT look amused with Maks’ sexy walk off the dancefloor hahaha.” —socialandrea

“KYM HAS SPARKLES IN HER HAIR PART” —Amy in Pittsburgh, endorsed (but not in theory) by duranmom, socialandrea, Kelly, Speech Teacher

“David Arquette’s tiniest mirrorball of an earring is starting to reek of Bruce Jenner-size desperation.” —socialandrea

“Nancy Grace showing her cleavage to the mirrorball trophy in the skybox after David and Kym’s dance. For an instant, the mirrorball trophy almost looked like E.T. (for those of us old enough to know about E.T.)!” —Lin, endorsed by Anthony, MegJYay


“Tom, blinded by an errant spotlight while introducing Nancy and Tristan.” —Kevin M. Kawa

“Agreed – a gem not because it was so funny but because you could almost see Tom thinking, ‘This is going to show up on EW…’ and you could tell he embraced the thought.” —quirkyjennio

“It was as if for a brief second, he stared into the heart of Planet Mirroballus — and survived!” —AllyB, endorsed by Presto

Thank you, DANCMSTRs one and all, for a fabulous heap of gems!


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