Sporting blue-mermaid hair and a black lace dress that’s more classy than trampy, Lady Gaga shines bright next to chart topper Tony Bennett in the just-released video for their duet, “The Lady Is A Tramp” off Bennett’s Duets II, out now.

The in-the-studio video is basically just a behind-the-scenes version of the song, but it’s still a nice add-on.

Especially fun to watch is their playfulness with each other throughout the song; whether she’s mugging to the camera or their duet dance-break mid-video, Gaga’s theatricality definitely comes through. And you can tell Bennett is genuinely getting a kick out of her antics — listen to him chuckle throughout the vid.

The clip really gets going at 2:20, when Gaga shows off her pipes (girl can sing!) and then they have a little dance. Either Bennett is really short, or Gaga’s got some massive heels on. (I think we can safely assume the latter).

Check out the video below:

Mr. Bennett himself sums up my thoughts quite nicely as the end of the video: “Beautiful. Thank you.” He’s clearly a fan; he recently gave an interview saying that the singer “will become bigger than Elvis Presley,” and the admiration is clearly mutual — just look at the sweet kiss that closes the clip.

Music Mixers: What do you think? Are you feeling these two as a pair? And who else is hoping Gaga considers a jazz album?

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