There’s gotta be a twist. Oh, you know there’s a twist. But until we know exactly what it is, let’s enjoy the awesomeness of this news: One of the Winchester brothers is getting married…sort of!

Executive producer Sera Gamble told EW the exciting news today, when teasing the next could-be fan-favorite episode. “It’s episode 8, which is filming now and called ‘Season 7, Time for a Wedding,'” Gamble said. “Both of the boys are involved, and one of them is the groom. So, enjoy your comments section!”

The episode, which Gamble said “has elements of meta,” will be one of the season’s “lighter, funnier episodes,” but will “not attempt to tread in ‘French Mistake’ territory.”

Meanwhile, Gamble teased Friday’s episode, which picks up right where the show left last Friday, with the brothers bound for the hospital filled Leviathans. “Starting with the episode that airs on Friday, we introduce the monster-of-the-week element back into the season,” she said. “We will continue to have that kind of mix of mythology and monsters in the show. But it just so happens the way we are introducing this new monster element this season, it was sort of literally coming out of the last crisis with Castiel. So it made sense to bring the finale into the first few episodes of the season — this way so we ended up with a bunch of Alias style cliffhangers. It was a little bit of a departure for us.”

Gamble also confirmed what many fans had hoped, which is that we haven’t seen the last of Castiel, who the boys presume to be dead. “We all love Misha [Collins], and we plan to write material for him. But in terms of where we are in the story right now, it’s a lot about Sam and Dean and Bobby losing this person that was incredibly important to them.”

Supernatural airs on Fridays on the CW.

(Lanford Beard and Erin Strecker contributed to this report.)


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