Susan Sarandon
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Two weeks ago, a group labeled Occupy Wall Street began taking to the streets of Manhattan to protest… something. Or, rather, everything: White collar crime, global warming, gas prices, general economic malaise, and, of course, shirts.

But, of course, a vague protest isn’t a protest until Hollywood jumps on board — and indeed they have. Big names like Susan Sarandon, Michael Moore, and Roseanne Barr have all showed up at the demonstrations — which, over the weekend, led to 700 arrests on the Brooklyn Bridge — to voice their support for the cause, which is spreading to other parts of the country, like Los Angeles and Boston. (And folks like Alec Baldwin are tweeting about the protests as well.) But that’s not all: The protest today will boast a visit from other buzz-y beings: Zombies! Occupy Wall Street asked its protesters today to dress as corporate zombies so Wall Street can “see us reflecting the metaphor of their actions.”

It’s interesting: Pop culture has always been intertwined with protests. Just ask Jane Fonda or Yoko Ono (who, for what it’s worth, is also championing Occupy Wall Street). But at what point does the Hollywood and pop culture link weaken the cause? Of course, it certainly never hurts to have folks with a big social media presence or influence back your protest. But when Lupe Fiasco uses the demonstration as an opportunity to discuss 9/11 conspiracy theories? Or when the organization itself tells its protesters to dress “MJ Thriller-style!”? Expect to see fewer headlines about the cause, and more about the costumes. Exhibit A: The headline above.

But then again, a headline is a headline, right? PopWatchers, are you supporting the Occupy Wall Street cause? And, when celebrities get involved, are you more inclined to jump on board too? Test that last point out by checking out some stars’ support of the protests in the videos below.

Susan Sarandon:

Russell Simmons:

Michael Moore:

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