By Kyle Anderson
Updated October 03, 2011 at 09:45 PM EDT

Florence Welch became a bigger-than-indie darling when Florence + the Machine’s debut album Lungs burst into unlikely mainstream success, thanks in large part to enigmatic breakout single “The Dog Days Are Over.”

Can she keep up the same sort of curious energy that was so vividly on display when she played the MTV Video Music Awards in 2010?

Based on the just-premiered video for “Shake It Out,” the first official single from Florence + the Machine’s sophomore album Ceremonials, the answer is a resounding yes. In the nearly five minute technicolor blast (which you can watch below after the jump), Welch splits her time mourning and dancing her way through a stately psychedelic costume party (which can’t help but remind the world of Eyes Wide Shut, except with prettier music, and without all the strange rhythmic humping).

Of course, Welch does all of this while wearing stunning clothes. Is there a pop icon who dresses better than Welch? That one red dress is pretty magical.

Give “Shake It Out” a spin after the jump.

Based on what we’ve heard so far (including the unofficial single “What the Water Gave Me”), it appears as though Ceremonials will make a very strong bid as one of the best albums of a very crowded field of fall releases.

So far, it appears as though the more raw rock side of Lungs has been jettisoned (nothing sounds as jangly and loose as “Kiss With a Fist”), but those garage guitars have been replaced by lush strings and a bigger focus on Welch’s heavenly vocal cords. Look for Ceremonials to bowl you over with the sheer power of loveliness.

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