By Stephan Lee
Updated October 01, 2011 at 01:59 PM EDT

Barnes & Noble CEO William Lynch informed millions of Borders customers in an e-mail last night that they have until Oct. 29 to prevent their personal contact and purchase information from being transferred to Barnes & Noble. On Sept. 26, B&N bought a number of Borders’ assets, including Borders’ brand name, the website (which will be shutting down Oct. 14), and the customer list.

Lynch began the message with condolences regarding the demise of one of its biggest longtime competitors: “Barnes & Noble uniquely appreciates the importance bookstores play within local communities, and we’re very sorry your Borders store closed.”

The purpose of acquiring Borders’ customer list is “simply to try and earn your business,” said Lynch in the e-mail. The letter also reminds Borders customers that the majority of B&N stores “are within close proximity to former Borders store locations, and for those that aren’t, we offer our award-winning NOOK digital devices.”

Visit before Oct. 29 to opt-out from having your Borders customer data transferred to B&N.

Will you be opting out?

UPDATE: As of 5:05 p.m. ET today, I just received my email from William Lynch, only it says that we have until Oct. 15 to opt-out of the information transfer rather than Oct. 29.

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