By Darren Franich
Updated September 30, 2011 at 03:37 PM EDT

Trying to get an early look at a new Apple product is kind of like trying to learn the plot of the next Christopher Nolan movie. The first couple thousand “facts” that hit the internet are invariably wrong, and even the occasional semi-legitimate “leak” usually winds up being much less revealing than we think. So grain-of-salt time: Tech blogs TiPb and Boy Genius Report have received screenshots purporting to present a list of items from AT&T’s inventory system, including six iPhone 5 cases. So now we know that — in a move guaranteed to send shockwaves rippling through our culture — Apple will release a new version of a ridiculously successful generation-defining product, and also if you’re feeling fancy you can put said product in a “Pearl Pink” case.

On the inventory list, the iPhone 5 cases are marked as Casemate products. The manufacturer made some waves earlier this month when they briefly published a page on their website showing iPhone 5 case designs that provided exciting confirmation that a smartphone which has consistently gotten thinner with every new model will, in fact, become even thinner with the next model. Also, the back of the iPhone 5 might look a bit different, which won’t matter, because your iPhone 5 will live forever inside of a “Pearl Pink” case that covers 95 percent of its back.

We’re also guessing the iPhone 5 will be faster and more colorful, which will be really exciting for about a month, until you realize that the Google Maps GPS blue-dot still doesn’t load fast enough, stupid useless GPS satellites! In conclusion, the iPhone 5 will probably be announced at Apple’s iPhone event next week, unless it isn’t, in which case start getting excited for more leaked inventory lists. Truly, we live in an age of wonders.

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