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It’s about that time again.

And I’m particularly excited going into this weekend because I’m days away from making my maiden voyage to Canada. (No, not to track the history of Robin Sparkles.) That’s right, my little maple leaves, I’m headed north to visit the sets of Once Upon a Time, Alcatraz, Supernatural, and The Secret Circle. Exciting, right? So send me your questions for the stars of those shows ASAP!

And remember to be sending me your questions (via e-mail or Twitter!) on shows new and returning, reactions to buzzy episodes of your favorite shows, and your general ponderings! (Y’all had a great batch of questions this week!) Until next week!


It’s no secret I’ve been mildly obsessed with How I Met Your Mother lately. And judging by the caliber and depth of your questions, I’m not alone! So while chatting with creator Carter Bays about last week’s episode, I threw in a few of your questions as well! The fruits of your labors are below!


I’ve been accused of over-hyping things in the past, and at the risk of doing it again, I will say that after watching next week’s episode (and loving last week’s), I feel like Glee has found its way again! What I liked most about “Asian F” was that it packed a subtle emotional punch — it didn’t go for the overly dramatic. The episode took a simple concept (stress and high expectations) and paired it with a lovely human story that gives us new perspective on the kids — namely Mike Chang (who might become your new favorite male Gleek by the end of the hour!) and Mercedes. Elsewhere in the ep, Wemma fans will have plenty to chew on when we meet Emma’s parents and delve deep into her backstory, complete with a little info on the origins of her OCD. (Plus, we learn a dirty secret about Schue!) I loved this one, Gleeks, and I think you might, too. (Not enough? Click here to read Tim Stack’s take on the ep!)


Scott Alan Humbert/The CW

Just yesterday, I shared with you a few pieces of scoop regarding Liam’s (Matt Lanter) doomed relationship with preggo Jane, and while that whole storyline sounds pretty emotionally charged, rest assured the gang on 90210 still knows how to party. Case in point: They’re headed to Vegas!

“This year, [the new showrunners] are finding a way to have a sense of togetherness,” says Lanter. “For me, personally, watching some of the older episode of 90210, the cool thing was to see the group together. They were the characters we knew and seeing them, like, go on vacation together was kind of fun.”

And there will be lots of “fun” had by Liam, who Lanter also said will be returning to modeling this season, in Vegas. “It’s good times for Liam, and he even discovers a bit of his fame in Las Vegas,” Lanter says. Yes, folks, fame. As it turns out, modeling will prove to be a much more successful venture the second time around. “This time it’s much more serious and long term, and he has a good bit of success with it. He comes into quite a bit of money, actually.”

“It’s a whole new world for Liam because up until now, he’s always been down and out. Later in the season, we’re going to start seeing some good things happen to him. He’s going to benefit from money and have a little fun with it. It’s a pretty cool storyline coming down the pipe,” he says. “Being single and having money can be fun. It’s a huge change for him. He’s never been in that boat.” All aboard!.


The season 7 premiere of Supernatural was crazy! But what surprised me was the return of Mark Pellegrino as Lucifer!! Is his role heavy this season, and what plans does he have for Sam? Thanks Sandra! — Amanda

I might have answers for you next week, Amanda. In fact, I’m certain I’ll have some sort of answer/scoop for you next week because, as I mentioned above, I’m headed to Vancouver on Monday. What I didn’t mention? You should follow me on Twitter (@EWSandraG) for the latest during my travels!! And you can send all questions to!

I was sad to see Awkward didn’t get more love from EW this week considering it was their season finale! I hope you have some scoop on season 2 to make up for it! — Ashley

You might want to do a double-take of the blogs before accusing me of such a heinous TV crime, Ash. EW’s Lanford Beard got some scoop straight from creator Lauren Iungerich the day after the finale. (You can check out the article here.) While you think of a way to apologize, here’s something new for those of you who did read the piece: Iungerich also shared that she’s hoping to have an episode in season 2 that flashes back to “the moment that Lacey decided to write that letter and where it came from.” “I have really strong ideas about that,” she says.

#Psych will we see a good relationship for Gus this year? He always gets the bad ones! Thank you! — @mccullac

Well, we know Lassie’s getting some love this season when Kristy Swanson joins the cast, but the jury is still out on Gus. Let me work my way through the episodes I received in the mail and get back to you. Meanwhile, I can report that Juliet and Shawn’s relationship sees some major progress in the first episode and it is totally sweet! (Hint: It involves a lie detector test.) Also, be sure to keep an eye on my Twitter account on Monday, Psych-os! I’ll have an amazing treat for you!

Sons of Anarchy is completely killing it this season. Speaking of killing, any idea who is on the receiving end of this rumored hit that Clay orders in episode 6? — Emma

The only supplementary hint I can offer is that your immediate guess is probably not correct, as this person has not recently been a person of major concern for Clay. Additionally, this may not be the only threat directed at this person in this episode. In sum, get your tush on that couch on Tuesdays for these next few episodes. They are truly mind-blowing.

I have a Fringe related question: Are we going to see Bad Olivia’s ex-boyfriend again? Technically since Peter never existed, she did not cheat on him, no? — John (co-signed Kat)

Y’all are so smart! You don’t see him in tonight’s episode, but there is an easily missed nod to him. In fact, I only noticed it because I watched the episode twice.

Since Bill is Caroline’s dad, what does he do to his daughter now that he knows she is a vampire?? Does he protect her?? – Gia

Well, if you watched last night, you likely got your answer. But at a screening of last night’s episode earlier this week, creator Julie Plec told a room of reporters, including EW’s Shaunna Murphy, that Caroline’s dad will be back next week for another appearance. “He’s somebody who has kind of come in and stirred up the pot, and the fallout of his pot-stirring kind of carries us through the next episode,” she said. And considering what his appearance meant for poor Caroline this week, there’s no telling what next week’s will bring.

Last night’s Vampire Diaries was insane! What’s the scoop on Rebekah/Stefan? Now that he sent Elena away, will this make room for Damon/Elena — Janelle

Plec assures that this storyline will be a “big deal” for the Stefan/Elena relationship, especially as Elena struggles “with her desire to help rescue this person that she loved very purely and very deeply, but also learning the lesson that you can’t necessarily let yourself be consumed in your life by saving someone else’s.” “That’s a big thing that takes us for a long journey that kind of [began in last night’s] episode and takes us all the way through half the season.” So will this leave the door open for Elena and Damon? Not exactly. “As far as where that leaves her and Damon, there’s yet to be an admission of that chemistry from her part. In fact, next week’s episode kind of illuminates that a little bit,” Plec said. “A lot’s gone unsaid, there’s a big elephant in the room as far as all those fun little stolen moments and romantic banter and their dynamic with each other … So we’re going to have some fun with that too.”

Vampire Diaries!!! I’ll take anything. It’s my favorite show!! — Kym

Soon, we’ll be flashing back…waaayyyy back. (That’s all I can say for now.)

I’m obsessed with Suburgatory! It’s my favorite new show of the season so far! Any fun scoopage? — Alyson

Hangover actress Gillian Vigman has just been cast as Noah’s (Alan Tudyk) “beautiful but punishing” wife, Jill. She’s currently set to appear in one episode, but will possibly be recurring. I’ll be frank, she sounds like a real ball-buster. There’s no way this storyline will disappoint!

I would love any type of scoop you can offer about Nikita! — Shelley

Tonight’s episode contains a huge twist for Owen (returning guest star Devon Sawa). We chatted about it earlier this week. And I’ll be sharing that convo with you later today!

Hi Sandra. My question for you is whether or not there is any hope for Nick and Maureen on The Playboy Club this season? I know he’s still holding a torch for Carol-Lynne but there’s no denying that spark that’s between them — and I think it’s more than just a murder drawing them to each other (That kiss! Yum!). Thank you for any information you can give! I love reading your columns every week!Sincerely — Abbey

Yum is right! Unfortunately, by episode 7, it seems another man (currently being cast) is catching Maureen’s eye — a big Hollywood producer-type, tentatively named Tom Laurents, who sees star potential in her. But it’s unclear as of yet if that spark is fleeting or something to watch.

Raising Hope is on fire this season! And I’m still rooting for Sabrina and Jimmy! Any great moments coming up? — Brianna

Oh, you’re going to love next week’s episode (Oct. 5 )! Aside from being a gut-buster of an episode (filled with botched fake tans and dreams of naked presidents), there’s an amazing Sabrina/Jimmy moment on a rooftop at the end of this episode that will leave ‘shippers swooning.

Last week’s Housewives premiere was bananas! How come I feel like Susan is going to be the first one to crack? — Mary

Because I think she will be, too… if Carlos doesn’t beat her to the punch. In fact, in next week’s episode, you’ll see these two majorly bonding over their respective guilt. (Um, people, wasn’t it self defense?) But during the hour, look for Susan to be the one that ends up in handcuffs… twice.

On Dexter, what’s going on with Batista and LaGuerta? Who’s Dexter’s love interest? Will Quinn end up on Dexter’s table? Plz give me some news, I have a feeling that you can tell a little more. Thanks. — Lisa

You’ll find out very early on during the premiere where Batista and LaGuerta stand, and it’s in a seemingly positive place (the proof of this is in something LaGuerta does for Batista in the first episode). As far as love, Dexter has enough on his plate in the first few eps, but that’s not to say he doesn’t see some (highly unexpected) action. And Quinn has a big storyline that you’ll have to get your first taste of this Sunday because there’s no easy way t0 tease it. But after you watch, make sure you run back here and e-mail me your follow-up questions. Mmm-k?

My birthday is Oct. 1. Dexter comes back Oct. 2. That entitles me to some Dexter scoop, right? — @secretsvsrumors

Sure does! >> Someone is going to have a brush with Internet fame this year. Hint: It’s not Masuka. (But now that I think of it…I wish it was!)

Last night’s Parks & Rec was epic! But I really missed the Ben/Leslie interaction, and I thought there was supposed to be some crazy unexpected turn with them tonight? Please tell me that we’ll see more between them soon! Thanks! –Lydia

It appears I was getting ahead of myself, but rest assured their contact is far from done. (Forgive me? No? Fine, call me names in comments.) But perhaps this will earn me some penance: In episode 9, Ben will show in a big way how he feels about Leslie just as Leslie is amid one of the most difficult moments of her career. Better?

(Benjamin Wood, Lanford Beard, and Shaunna Murphy contributed to this column)

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