Reader response to our Brad Pitt cover, love for Tony Bennett and Cliff Robertson

By EW Staff
Updated September 30, 2011 at 04:00 AM EDT

The Curious Case of Brad Pitt
In today’s tabloid-filled society, it’s hard to know what to believe. Your interview with Brad Pitt could quite possibly be the most candid, entertaining piece I’ve ever read about him. Trust me, as a longtime stalker…er, fan, I’ve read them all! Thanks for taking the gossip out and putting a from-the-heart interview in. I only wish I were still in junior high so I could tear out those pictures of Brad and hang them in my locker!
Jen Camilleri
Highland, Mich.

Brad Pitt doesn’t come across as a movie star here, but as a thinking, self- critical actor, and I really appreciate that. I saw The Assassination of Jesse James on a whim, and afterward I felt like I’d been punched in the head because it was so stunning. He and the movie deserved much more acclaim.
Susan Stroupe

I eagerly await my EW each week. This week was no exception — that is, until I saw that not only was Brad Pitt on the cover but his interview would be 10 frakkin’ pages long. Don’t get me wrong: He was hysterical in Inglourious Basterds, but that’s just too much.
Stephanie A. Mack
Shaker Heights, Ohio

Your interview was insightful, inspiring, and too damn short. This wasn’t mentioned, but I can’t help noticing how similar Brad’s and Angelina’s career choices were pre-Mr. & Mrs. Smith. For example, her Girl, Interrupted reminds me of his 12 Monkeys. As far as Brad’s other movies go, I am someone who saw Legends of the Fall six times in the theater, mostly because of his consistent ability to express both pain and joy in one role. It’s the same reason Fight Club is one of my top two all-time favorite films.
Anjela Price
Vista, Calif.

How can a full career retrospective of Brad Pitt not include his memorable TV role as a victim in 1989’s Freddy’s Nightmares!?!
Stephen Schoengarth
Healdsburg, Calif.

Not Your Standard Singer
Only two pages for Tony Bennett? His style and grace as a singer over the course of six decades is overshadowed only by the endless list of musical royalty he has performed with through the years. The 85-year-old’s energy and talent are respected by musicians 60 years his junior. And for all that, you devoted six paragraphs.
John Eft
Charlotte, N.C.

In Memoriam
A reader eulogizes Oscar-winning actor Cliff Robertson, who died on Sept. 10 after a long and rich career

I was disappointed to see the life and prolific career of Cliff Robertson reduced to only two sentences (Monitor). He was one of my favorite actors for many years, from his early days on TV series like The Twilight Zone to such films as The Honey Pot, The Devil’s Brigade, and, of course, Charly. He was even personally chosen by President Kennedy to play him in PT 109. In more recent years, he reached new audiences with his portrayal of Spider-Man’s Uncle Ben, who delivered the mantra ”with great power comes great responsibility.” Off screen, his brave stand against corporate corruption in Hollywood was honored by Rep. Morris Udall in the Congressional Record, and he was involved in over 50 national charities. I feel a more fitting tribute would have been appropriate for this superb actor and humanitarian. He’ll be greatly missed.
David Szymanski
Sterling Heights, MICH.

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