By Jeff Jensen
September 29, 2011 at 05:18 PM EDT
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Our ongoing lobbying coverage of a potential John Locke/Benjamin Linus TV reunion continues! Last week, Terry O’Quinn (now guest-starring on CBS’ Hawaii Five-0 with ex-Oceanic 815er Daniel Dae Kim) told EW he still wants to work with fellow Lost co-star Michael Emerson (now on CBS’ Person of Interest), even though plans for a J.J. Abrams-produced action-drama vehicle fell apart earlier this year. Said O’Quinn: “I was actually looking to do a series after Lost. … Michael and I fiddled around with one and we sort of got through the process of generating some interest in it, and we just didn’t come up with a script that everyone agreed on. Michael and I stay in touch; we still talk about that. Maybe we’ll make it happen before we get too creaky. I would love to have at least one more good experience like Lost.”

“I feel very much the same way,” Emerson tells “I was very gratified to read that in the press. We’ve both told each other that even though there may be some bumps along the road, sooner or later, we’re going to work together.” For fans of Emerson’s new show with Jim Caviezel (and there could be a lot of them: Person of Interest launched last week to 13.2 million viewers), the actor has some scoop about tonight’s episode (airing at 9/8 c): Expect some revelations about his character, Finch, a wealthy, tragedy-haunted techno-vigilante who uses a computer developed in the aftermath of 9/11 to identify and stop crimes before they occur. “I was surprised they started digging into [Finch’s past] so early,” says Emerson. “The writers are laying the groundwork of telling the backstory in tandem with telling the present story, and finding smart ways to have themes of the past intertwine with the themes of the present.”

More specifically?

“Just as the culture suffered a traumatic blow at 9/11 that made it regroup and rethink priorities, the characters on our show have had experiences of terrible violence, and based on that trauma, have decided to change the mission of their lives. That is certainly true of Finch. There is violence in the past,” says Emerson. “We also see some of the evolution of [the technology] he uses. We go back to the machine’s infancy a bit, and we are privy to how it evolved, and for what reasons it evolved, and the personalities behind its creation. You realize that it’s not just Finch.”

Asked if Finch might have an enemy out there — the Joker to his high-tech Batman — Emerson says: TBD? “That hasn’t been suggested yet in scripts that I’ve read, but I don’t see why that’s impossible, either,” he says. “That could be a swell storyline — an overarching thing that can consume a lot of narrative time.”

And if Person of Interest goes that route, we can only imagine the possible casting…

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