Lady Gaga
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Paws up! Are you ready to dance? Last night it was announced the fifth single off Lady Gaga’s Born This Way would be fan favorite “Marry The Night.”

A release date hasn’t been set, but power piano ballad “Yoü And I” is still in the Top 10, so it would make sense for her to wait a bit before officially putting “Marry The Night” out to radio. Then again, when has Gaga ever taken the conventional approach?

With the typical pop tracks from Born This Way already released — “Judas” and “Edge of Glory” — as well as her title anthem, it’ll be interesting to see how the rest of the album holds up on radio. Born This Way as a whole is lot less get-this-party-started than The Fame or The Fame Monster, and many tracks are more piano and electronic-driven, which doesn’t necessarily translate to Top 40.

Interestingly, “Marry The Night” was supposed to be the third single, coming out right when the album dropped in May. But Monster obsession with sneak previews of “Edge of Glory” changed Gaga’s mind.

I’m personally not crazy about the song (I was hoping the conventional-but-fun “Hair” or melodic and eerie “Bloody Mary” would make the cut), but this ode to NYC is probably her best option if she wants to release a club track.

And it may be half in German, but I still have my monster paws crossed for “Scheiße,” her high-heeled-and-blonde ode to feminism.

Take a listen to “Marry The Night” below:

Music Mixers: What about you? Excited for “Marry the Night” or were you hoping for another Gaga song to be Lucky Number 5? Any guesses on what the video will look like?

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