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After being swept up during the awards season for her Oscar-nominated role in 2009’s Up in the Air, Anna Kendrick knows how to summon the Hollywood starlet within. And so she did on the red carpet for Monday night’s New York premiere of 50/50 (opening nationwide tomorrow). But Kendrick tells EW she’s glad she doesn’t have to deal with flashing lights and screaming fans on a daily basis. If only her Twilight co-stars Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart were so lucky. “I feel really, really, genuinely fortunate not to have to deal with that right now,” she admits. “It’s like a prison. It’s a really nice prison, but so what? You still can’t leave your home. I feel happy that that’s not my reality right now.” What else did Kendrick have to say about Twilight? Find that out, plus her thoughts on her new movie, 50/50, after the jump.

Kendrick is the first one to tell you that Twilight‘s huge success came out of nowhere. “After we shot the first Twilight, we organized our own wrap party. We really didn’t know what this was going to be,” she recalls. “Something like that can come at you unexpectedly, and you just have to try your best to deal with it.” Kendrick credits her co-stars for how they’ve handled the attention: “More power to the people who deal with that kind of stuff and still say sane.”

Her own brush with fame — which came from starring alongside George Clooney in Up in the Air — was what partly inspired her to take on the role of in-over-her-head therapist Katherine in 50/50. “To me, she felt like a mess,” Kendrick says, “and she suspects everyone around her can tell. I really wanted to explore that [because] I felt like I … was going through the same thing. I didn’t know what was going on with my life [after Up in the Air], and everybody was looking at me all of a sudden and expecting me to know what I was talking about and to look and act and sound like a movie star, and I felt really uncomfortable. I felt like everybody secretly knew that I didn’t belong there, so I really related to what I thought she was going through.”

With at least five marquee films coming out in the next year, though, Kendrick may be saying goodbye to her inner Katherine for a while. Next up, she’s reprising her role as Bella Swan’s friend Jessica in The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn — Part 1. Want some details about the film from Kendrick? Too bad. Kendrick confirms that her character will attend the event of the season — Bella and Edward’s wedding — but is otherwise keeping mum: “I don’t even want to use any other adjectives to describe it because I know it will get me in trouble.”

In 2012, she’ll play Jake Gyllenhaal’s wife in gritty cop drama End of Watch. After that, she’s part of the A-list ensemble of What to Expect When You’re Expecting, playing a Rosie, who finds herself in a love-hate-baby-making relationship with a rival food truck owner played by Chace Crawford. She jokes of her role opposite the Gossip Girl heartthrob, “I feel odd. Like with Chace I felt like I needed to be, like, ‘Do we need to address your face?'” If nothing else, Kendrick acknowledges that stardom does have its perks: “I’m around some lovely gentlemen.”

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