Aim High
Credit: Daniel McFadden

If your Facebook feed has told you anything as of late — well, besides the fact that a few of your friends are currently contemplating lunch (go for it, guys!) — it’s that a lot of people are none too thrilled with the current and upcoming changes to the social networking site. Some feel that the website is becoming overly complicated and wonder why Mark Zuckerberg is fixing what wasn’t broken.

But like it (sometimes literally, if you feel so inclined to click the “like” button) or not, times are a changin’ on Facebook. In fact, in addition to new features like Facebook Music and Facebook Timeline, there’s now Facebook TV, more or less. Warner Bros. Entertainment announced today that it will soon launch the first-ever “social series” called Aim High on Facebook on Oct. 18 (it was originally slated for Aug. 1.) The show, about a high school student named Nick Green who is leading a double life as a U.S. spy, will star Jackson Rathbone (as Green), Aimee Teegarden, Greg Germann, and, well, you.

The series, which will also be available to watch on, will allow users to put their profile information directly into the show. As Warner Bros. explained in a release, if you use the application on Aim High‘s Facebook page, “Viewers will be able to see themselves or their friends integrated into select scenes throughout the series — from their photo appearing on a student body election poster, to having their name seen as graffiti on the bathroom wall.” In other words, it’s time to un-tag those unflattering shots riiiight now.

McG, who is producing the series, said of the interactive experiment, “The ability for fans to become part of a production by simply watching a show is truly revolutionary. I’m delighted that Aim High is the first to embrace this technology and I’m looking forward to including this in future productions.” Watch the trailer below:

But, are you as excited as he is about the idea or does it make you pine for the Facebook days of yore, when not even your cool uncle could get a profile? Will shows like Aim High, which also allows fans to Tweet and share comments while they watch, set a new standard for shows? Can it technically be considered a TV show if it’s not actually on TV? Or could you care less about this latest Facebook addition and are really just excited that you’ll get to see Julie Taylor again? Share in the comments section below!

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