Adele’s soaring, cut-yourself-already ballad “Someone Like You” may have recently dipped to No. 2 on Billboard’s Hot 100, but maybe its just released music video — splendid in its simplicity — will help it reclaim the top spot from Maroon 5’s overplayed “Moves Like Jagger.”

The understated, black-and-white clip promoting the song — which you can catch below — is, in a word: quiet. Honestly, it’s just what you’d want to see for this break-up heart-wrencher. Adele spends the nearly five-minute-long video simply walking around Paris, which is somehow fittingly deserted, as she wails through the haunting lyrics.

“Nevermind,” she sings to no one but herself, pensively thinking during her long walk over the iconic bridges of the most romantic city in the world, “I’ll find someone like you-uuuuu.” The location — the Eiffel Tower shows up at one point — makes it all that more heartbreaking, as it’s easy to imagine happy couples making loving memories exactly where she’s walking. (Also: It’d be fascinating to know how producers managed to clear out Paris to make this video.)

Check out the video, in all its sad glory, here:

It’s almost as if she’s the last romantic in Paris. That is, until we catch a glimpse of her ex, walking away from her, near the end. The other thing worth noting is how the video is shot, many times with the camera panning away from Adele into circles that capture more of Paris. Those circles mimic how she’s obviously feeling, with her ex finding someone else. Crushing.

What’d you think? Isn’t it nearly the exact videographic depiction of “Someone Like You” that you already had running through your head?

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