By Carrie Borzillo
Updated September 28, 2011 at 05:07 AM EDT
Adam Taylor/ABC

Two things could have taken Chaz Bono out of the Dancing with the Stars competition — his low scores and his aching knees and ankle. But not only did he escape elimination on Tuesday, he’s not going to let the pain get in his way going into week 3.

“We have a very simple style of dance this week,” Bono told reporters after the show. “We have the rumba, so it’s slow. It’s pretty easy, and we are going to try and work around it as much as we can.”But the man is still in sore. “I’ll be okay,” he says, explaining that it is his ankle that hurts the most. “It’s taken a pounding,” he explains. But hey, he’s lost 12 pounds!

Still, partner Lacey Schwimmer is on the case. “I’m having my physical therapist drive in from Temecula on Thursday to check him out, give him some treatment.” And mom Cher is sending help, as well. “She was stressed last night to say the least,” added Bono. “She called me up and she’s sending her doctors to help, and she’s just trying to be as supportive as possible.”

On facing his second elimination, Bono admitted he was really nervous. “I didn’t know but I thought it was a definite possibility.” Added Schwimmer, “We had the lowest scores of the night and you never know because of the controversy of him being on the show who is actually voting for him and how much they’re voting, it’s huge.”

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