It’s tough not to laugh watching 60 Minutes‘ “A Few Minutes with Andy Rooney.” After all, this is a 92-year-old man so set in his ways, he refuses to accept the popularity of Lady Gaga on the music charts over the Rolling Stones. Every Sunday, Rooney has hit the airwaves to complain about the mundane, channeling his inner curmudgeon to critique, for example, the mere existence of papayas. And, a good portion of the time, we identified with dear ol’ Uncle Rooney. (Who the heck needs papayas anyway?! Useless.)

Sadly, though, this Sunday, Rooney is going to wrap up his 60 Minutes run with a final “Few Minutes.” (As EW reported yesterday, the TV personality is retiring his weekly segment, but still may return for one-offs in the future.) So, to toast his departure, we put together a clip of some of our favorite Rooney moments from 60 Minutes. Despise modern art? The telephone? Nutcrackers? Watch the video after the jump to commiserate, and marvel in the fact that even in his 90s, he had no intention of ever leaving his walnut desk. Please, oh, please come back soon, Uncle Rooney.

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