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Updated September 27, 2011 at 06:44 AM EDT
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I think we can all agree that we sometimes become too invested in our television programs. That’s why we cry during season finales, scream at our TV, and in the case of last night’s How I Met Your Mother, literally fall out of your chair. Well, perhaps the latter just happened to me. In any case, let’s talk about that ending…

But to do that, we have to quickly recap.

We left off last week with Ted locking eyes with Victoria at his big architect ball. Yes, Victoria/”Buttercup”/Bakery girl/Ran away to Germany girl/we never got any freaking closure girl. Yup, her. Thrilled? Yes, I was — just a bit (!!!!). Ted was excited, too, in his dorky Ted way. And in this episode, Ted told the story of their encounter while Barney obsessed over Lily’s growing pregnancy boobs. (*There’s more to this duck tale, but I’ll get to that in a minute.)

After he crossed paths with Victoria (and, I suppose, ditched Robin as a date), Ted accompanied her back to her bakery where he washed her dishes. That’s not a bad euphemism for sex. If anything, it was metaphor for Ted cleaning his conscience for the way things ended with Victoria. He still carried the guilt over kissing — and almost sleeping with — Robin, he said.

As one might have predicted (and, as many of us hoped), the two did end up sharing a kiss, but the excitement was marred by the revelation that Victoria’s boyfriend Klaus (not this one, unfortunately) was planning to propose soon. (Also, there was a funny bit where Ted also realized that Victoria had started dating Klaus just days after their break up.)

So Victoria left to be with her boyfriend (even though the pair briefly looked like they were about to make my dreams come true and run away with eachother). But in re-telling the story to his friends, Ted kept to himself the one major nugget from their encounter: She thinks Robin is the reason none of Ted’s relationships have worked.

So…what now? The last frame of the episode would lead us to believe that we’re about to revisit the Barney-Robin-Ted love triangle that we’ve already dealt with, but I can’t believe that’s true. 1) It was too painfully sad the first time around. 2) Unless the show is pulling a Simpsons and spoofing its own repeated plots, I honestly don’t think we’re going to blatantly retread this storyline. 3) There’s a chance that I am misinterpreting Victoria (and I’m sure that was the intention). Her reasoning seems sound, but I have to believe there’s a twist. I mean, this is How I Met Your Mother. There’s always a twist. Edit: I like Mike’s idea (from the comments)! Does anyone else agree?

I welcome your theories and thoughts on the episode! Do you think that’s the last we’re going to see of Victoria? If so, do you wish there was more? Do you think we’re headed to love triangle land once again? And what the heck happens when we throw Nora back into the mix, too?

* I had planned on working this into the post above, but there’s just no way of artfully weaving a mention of a subplot about boob flashing into a post that deals with the deepest matters of the heart. So here’s the short of it: Barney wanted to see Lily’s big boobs and almost won a bet that would have allowed him a squeeze. But Lily flashed him while he was executing the task that would have led to victory. Well played, Lily Pad. Well played. And as a result of losing the bet, Barney now has to wear Marshall’s nauseatingly ugly duck tie for a year. #awesome #loser #speakinginhashtagsisawesome

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