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Some moments during her performance seemed to indicate otherwise, but Nancy Grace insists that one of her girls did not pop out during her jive with Tristan MacManus on Monday’s Dancing with the Stars.

“When we were doing our hop scotch portion of our dance, there was a little bit of movement but it did not rise to a wardrobe malfunction,” she told reporters after the show. “We have got every precaution known to man in this dress right here. I’m talking industrial strength precautions. So there may have been a little bit of, as Tristan said, jiggling.”

And yet, the moving and shaking didn’t prevent Grace from improving on her scores. She went from earning a 16 last week to a 21 on Monday. She was so elated by her performance that Bruno Tonioli’s comment about her being a little top-heavy went in one ear and out the other. “I take it very lightly,” said Grace. “In fact, I didn’t even understand his joke last week when he said, ‘Oh you brought the twins.’ And I point them out, ‘yeah, they’re right over there in the front row.’ I didn’t get it.”

Grace, in case you didn’t know, is an actual mother of twins.

Now how about that emotional breakdown in the rehearsal package, woman? (In the video, Grace “shut down” during practice and could only say “no” when McManus attempted to direct her. Then she started to cry.)

“When I’ve had arguments in the past, they’ve all been in court, to a judge, or to an appellate court, arguing appeals,” she explained. “With that, I can be very confident and know what I was doing. But that’s not true on the dance floor. I really don’t know what I’m talking about. It’s kind of hard to argue back with the dance expert.” — With reporting from Carrie Borzillo

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