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If you tuned in for the season 5 premiere of Watch What Happens Live Sunday night, you watched horrified host Andy Cohen listen to Millionaire Matchmaker‘s Patti Stanger giving advice making judgments and sweeping generalizations about the gay community.

While visiting the Bravo talk show, Stanger took calls from fans, including one man who asked what her feelings were on open, long-distance relationships. After giving a vague, not-entirely-helpful answer (“Long distance relationships are great because they go faster and are quicker to close to a serious [relationship], almost marriage”), Stanger then asked the caller if he was gay. Not that that should matter, right PopWatchers? If a straight person called with the same question Stanger would give the same response, right? Wrong! We are so very wrong.

According to Stanger, “In the gay world, there’s always going to be open [relationships].” After telling caller Dustin “You’re going to be okay” because he’s gay and in an open relationship, Cohen gave a stink face that could have matched or trumped anyone’s on Project Runway. Cohen, being the journalist/rational human person that he is, wanted clarification. “So wait, gays can have open relationships?” he pondered. Thank goodness he asked.

“There’s no curbing the gay … I’ve tried to curb you people,” Stanger responded. “I’ve decided to throw in the towel and just say, ‘Do what you want. But when you find the right person, you will know.'” Stanger then went on to say that when that love is found, gay men will no longer want to do things like use social networking sites, prompting Cohen to make a face that would rival this.

After hearing enough of Stanger’s sage advice (“When you love that person, you don’t wanna be with anyone else … There’s your right hand”), Cohen interjected. “I’m a gay and I’m down for the monogamy,” he told her. Naturally, Stanger (who later told a fan who Skyped in, “You’re very handsome. I thought you were straight … that’s a compliment”, watch here around the 4:28 mark) laughed in Cohen’s face and asked when his last serious relationship was. Cohen shared that it was a three-year-long courtship that happened six years ago. “So since business took off, you kicked him to the curb?” she asked. No wonder people pay her top dollar for expertise! As Cohen put it best during one point of the horrendously awkward interview, “I’m uncomfortable!” (Check out that NSFW moment below around the 4:01 mark.)

The now-single Stanger has always been something of guilty pleasure television, but at this point, are we just guilty of letting her get away with saying some truly absurd things? (Case in point: On her magical misery press tour, Stanger told local gab fest New York Live about her feeling on single Manhattan women: “The girls are jaded and I think they have a bitter complex, which means they have to get out of their zip codes and date in the suburbs.”) So should we really be giving another show to someone making outrageous statements like these or will her car crash appeal make her that much more interesting to watch what happens? Share in the comments section below, PopWatchers!

UPDATE: Stanger has tweeted in response to the comments she made on Watch What Happens Live, “Attn male Gays: I support you & my comment on WWHL was to a LA guy who can’t find commitment.” That tweet came a few minutes after Stanger posted from her page, “…It’s true LA gays toughest nuts to crack to monogamy!”

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