After providing a teaser of her new video last week, Kelly Clarkson released the full clip for “Mr. Know It All” over the weekend.

In it, the pop star sings in a room with wallpaper made of newspaper clippings, most of which feature ugly headlines about her. Next she sits down and watches a video of herself dancing on top of a bar. Then she does what no celeb should do if they want to maintain their sanity: she reads the comments section of a blog post about her.

After realizing she doesn’t need to be with a guy that’s constantly ordering her around and judging her, she has a decision to make. Will Kelly stay or go? Check out the video after the jump and see if she finds her sunshine after all.

Sweet ending, right? It’s interesting how she used the video to kill two birds with one stone. The song itself is about a misinformed individual, but the clip takes a swipe at the media and blogosphere.

Personally, I prefer more direct musical approaches—like Michael Jackson’s “Tabloid Junkie.” But Clarkson’s song is cool.

What do you think of the video? Let us know.

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