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Desperate Housewives

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You’ve got to hand it to the folks over at ABC’s soon-to-end nighttime soap Desperate Housewives: They never stop trying to drum up watercooler moments, as evidenced by EW’s exclusive clip below. The clip — from the show’s second episode, airing this Sunday, Oct. 2 — features Eva Longoria’s character Gaby Solis taking lessons on how to use a stripper pole. “So my husband’s having a little problem in the bedroom,” Gaby admits to her stripper instructor, who then asks: “With his wiener?” A resigned Gaby retorts: “Yes, with his wiener.” Then her too-cute (and too-young!) trainer explains: “Well, you can relax because I’m like a doctor, and I see this problem all the time with older women.” Burn! But Gaby takes it in stride, of course. Then, she shimmies up the pole and gives it a whirl — with hilarious results, of course. The whole interaction is worth a laugh or two.

Check out the exclusive sneak peek video here:

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