September 26, 2011 at 04:00 AM EDT

Jane on stage at rehearsal, applying Glide (not that one, I asked) to her feet so they won’t chafe in heels.

The writers backstage as mystified as the viewers by Charlie Sheen’s appearance. We were told he was going to come up with something on his own, and we thought that meant something funny.

Political jokes were nixed, but this made me laugh: ”Welcome to the 63rd Annual Democratic Fund-raiser — I mean, Emmys.”

Brand names were edited out of the script. I slightly preferred Jane eating ”Pringles in the dark” at home to console herself over her Emmy loss, but ”tub of turkey meatballs” worked just fine. In Jane’s ”gay agenda” joke, ”have the oil changed in my Subaru” had to be changed to generic ”pickup truck.” But everyone knows us lesbians love our Subarus!

Sheer delight with an on-time show! So rare with live awards shows. Although that did mean cutting one of my favorite lines: ”This show is running so long that one of you is already in next year’s ?In Memoriam’ package.”

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