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Updated September 24, 2011 at 12:00 PM EDT
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Monsters are nothing special on Supernatural. Over six seasons, we’ve encountered the ugliest uglies, the baddest baddies and, let’s face it, some really disgusting things. But last night’s premiere chilled me to the bone like no episode ever has. [Spoilers from here on. Beware.]

Last night’s episode picked up moments after what we saw at the end of last season with Castiel declaring himself the new God. I had fully expected this storyline to drag out much longer than it did. I thought for the next few episodes we’d see Dean and hell-haunted Sam struggle with the loss of a friend, Castiel go on a smiting spree, the boys try various methods of defeating their former friend, and for things, eventually, to spin into another plot. Well, all this did happen — except it happened in one episode. But Supernatural kicking its plot into super-sonic speed was not the scary part of which I speak. (In fact, it was the greatest and most welcome surprise that they didn’t drag it all out. Well done, team!) No, the thing that very well might give me nightmares tonight is what happened to poor Castiel.

After declaring himself the new God and going on the aforementioned Smiting World Tour, Castiel began to waste away. His vessel was literally tearing. (NO! NOT THAT PRETTY FACE!) Death, summoned and bound by Dean and Sam in hopes of stopping the Cas-related killings, later educated us on why this was happening. It turned out that during Castiel’s soul binge, he also inhaled a centuries-old evil called Leviathans, a force so strong that they were wearing him down in their attempt to escape. In one scene in a bathroom, the Leviathans attempted to escape Castiel through his stomach and we saw hands reaching out of him (very Freddy Krueger and the Chest of Souls — and don’t ask why I made that sound like a Harry Potter book).

But as disgusting as that was, the truly terrifying moment came as Dean and Sam were watching the security footage from Castiel’s massive killing at a senator’s campaign office. At one point, as the boys stared in horror, Castiel looked up at the camera and gave the most sadistic and terrifying smile I’d ever seen on the show. I never thought a seconds-long moment could make me scream in terror…but it did. And this moment was duplicated at the end of the episode, when it was revealed that despite Dean and Sam’s efforts to save him, the Leviathans had taken over Cas — possibly for good. (I anticipate a number of animated gifs being made from this moment. And I kindly ask that no one Tweet these to me. K? Thanks.)

It’s been a while since Supernatural has truly scared me like it did last night, and I couldn’t be happier that it has taken this darker road this year. I anticipate things getting even scarier as we learn more about the Leviathans and as we further explore what’s going on in post-hell Sam’s coconut. (We only saw a bit of Sam’s mental state tonight, but what we did see was truly mind-bending.)

The tone of tonight’s episode made me even more thankful for the signature lighter moments and lines. Here are a few of my favorites below. Comment with yours!

Best moments/quotes:

+ “What a brave little *ant you are.” — Castiel

+ “So are you fixing her or primal screaming?” — Bobby to Dean, re: the car

+ “Trench coat on a tortilla.” — Bobby

+ Castiel on stain glass. I need this immediately.

+ “He was young…and sexy” — woman describing the “God” she saw. No joke, I said this to my friend Adam immediately after Castiel walked into that church.

+ “Excuse me, do you have any Grey Poupon?” — Dean

+ Dean’s Asian cartoon porn.

There you have it, fans. Now, give me your take. Was this episode one of the scariest episodes ever? Were you more scared by Leviathans-ruled Castiel or Sam’s hallucinations? (Well, we hope they are hallucinations! Although, I loved that they even brought up the question of whether or or not he’s still in the hell cage!) Did you think Dean had enough to do in this episode? (I hope they find a little more for him to do…but I did like his painter’s jump suit.) And did this episode make you excited about this season?

* I know plenty of brave “aunts” but I’m pretty sure he meant “ant.”

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