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The new fall TV season has officially begun, and one of the breakout shows (and one of the favorites around the EW offices) is ABC’s new nighttime soap Revenge. Starring Brothers & Sisters‘ Emily VanCamp as the vengeful Emily Thorne, who seeks retribution for her framed father, Revenge premiered on Wednesday to a surprisingly healthy 10.1 million viewers. So how will this soap play out? “I will tell you will have all of the answers to all of the questions that the pilot poses by the 13th episode,” says creator/executive producer Mike Kelley (Swingtown). “Then we will have an whole new installment of revenge that has to do with the trial of the murderer [of Daniel Grayson] that will take us through the back-half of the first season.”

The biggest question is what would season 2 entail? Another revenge saga? Basically, yes, according to Kelley, who cites Dexter as somewhat of a storytelling model. “In our show, there’s a whole conspiracy and seasons worth of people that will reap what they’ve sewn,” says the producer. “Revenge is a universal concept and it’s gonna permeate the show on every level. I plan to do installments of revenge. So I’ll set two installments a season which will be self-contained. They’ll focus on a group of people that need to come down and we’ll introduce new people. We’ll also give other characters on the show a reason to want their own revenge.”

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