Credit: Patrick Wymore/ABC via Getty Images

General Hospital‘s Sam (Kelly Monaco) and Jason (Steve Burton) may have already said their vows on Thursday’s show, making it official at a Chinese food restaurant instead of at the big church wedding everyone else was planning to attend, but today is the day things really go down. “They wind up going back to the church where everyone is waiting, pissed off and angry. And they tell them, ‘Yeah, we did it. Deal with it,'” laughs Monaco. “Then they go off to the reception to have fun, while James Franco lurks and plans his next evil plot.”

Yes, psycho Franco is already back with his creepy smile, staging a new elaborate scheme to get back at Jason. Monaco hints that his return means that there’s more turmoil in store for Sam. She’s already been shot and blown up during her time on the show. What more could they do to her, right? “Oh, there’s plenty more,” she jokes.

Meanwhile, Monaco is primed for the Sunday (Sept. 25) premiere of her E! reality show Dirty Soap. The show follows the off-screen lives of Monaco, Nadia Bjorlin (Days Of Our Lives), Kirsten Storms (General Hospital), Brandon Beemer (Bold and the Beautiful), Farah Fath (One Life To Live), JP Lavoisier (One Life To Live) and Jenna and Galen Gering (Days Of Our Lives). Monaco and Storms were already friends, but she didn’t really know the other actors. And Monaco likes that they aren’t trying to make it seem as though all the actors are living these fabulous lives as pals. “I think it’s a good opportunity to a get in front of a whole generation who may not know daytime is still on television. It’s also a good way to marry reality to sort of a docu-series because we are documenting our lives as actors,” she says. “I know as a viewer I would want to see how the magic is made. And we’re going to be able to get to show that and then take the facade away by showing our real lives. It’s not always glamorous.”

Monaco talks openly about the fact she’s just acclimating to single life. (She recently got out of a long-term relationship.) So why do it so publicly? “Well, I think it helped me move forward, sort of forced me to move on,” she says. Plus, the state of daytime TV requires new strategies, she says. “It’s either sink or swim,” she says. “Let’s try to swim a little.”

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