By Dave Karger
Updated September 23, 2011 at 10:09 PM EDT
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In one of his lesser-known hits, 1985’s “In Neon,” Elton John sang about a woman who dreams of movie stardom and seeing her name on a billboard. If he ever shared that dream, it’s now coming true. Sir Elton and his partner, David Furnish, are prepping Rocketman, a biopic about the rock icon’s life. Written by their Billy Elliot collaborator Lee Hall, the film will document the ups and downs of his life and career, through fantastical musical sequences. “We’ve always thought there was a wonderful cinematic opportunity to tell Elton’s life story,” Furnish tells EW. “But we wanted to wait until the time was exactly right. Elton feels very excited about doing it now — he’s in a very happy place in life right now and thinks it’s a good time to artistically reflect on the past.”

With the script now ready, the pair are searching for a director and star (or perhaps stars) to play Elton, who’s now 64. “Elton has lived a very extraordinary and unique life,” says Furnish, referring to his spouse’s enormous success as well as his battles with drugs and alcohol. “You can’t tell his life story without going to the dark places. We’re going to touch on those too. But at the end, we want people to come away from the cinema feeling inspired and uplifted.”

For more details on Rocketman, check out next week’s issue of Entertainment Weekly, on stands Sept. 30.

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