Chris Evans takes a much darker turn for his role in the movie ''Puncture''

He’s the star of a summer blockbuster that grossed $359 million worldwide, but Chris Evans insists he isn’t getting movie offers thrown at him from all directions. ”That hasn’t happened very often, unfortunately,” says Evans, star of this past summer’s Captain America: The First Avenger. ”There’s always at least a couple people in the ring, at least at my level. I’m sure Ryan Gosling doesn’t have to struggle the way I’m struggling.” Still, filmmaker brothers Adam and Mark Kassen were set on having Evans play real-life lawyer Mike Weiss in their indie drama Puncture, which opens this Friday in limited release. In a stark departure from Evans’ Captain America heroics, Weiss is a cocaine addict who nonetheless manages to mount a case against hundreds of hospitals that refuse to implement safer syringe practices. ”I’ve had a lot of experiences in life being around people who are in fact functioning drug addicts,” Evans says. ”It’s always interesting to me, the deeper someone gets in the world of drugs, how they’re able to operate on a high level, especially if they’re a lawyer. And this actually happened. This man really was this brilliant and impressive. He wasn’t a weekend warrior; he was using every day.” Says Mark Kassen, ”There’s no way this movie could have been made without Chris.” To their credit, the Kassens signed Evans before the Captain America hoopla. ”It’s not like they were riding that wave,” says Evans, who’s contracted for five more Marvel superhero flicks. (He also stars opposite Anna Faris in the comedy What’s Your Number?, out Sept. 30.) ”I’ve made a few movies, but by no means do I consider myself someone who can get a movie greenlit, because I’m not.” At least not yet.

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