Reviews of the latest from The Bangles, Tori Amos, and more

By EW Staff
Updated September 23, 2011 at 04:00 AM EDT

Allstar Weekend, All the Way
The Radio Disney regulars open up an intergenerational kiddie-pop wormhole, sampling Sesame Street for a tune about loving and hating someone at the same time. It’s out with the ABC’s, in with the birds and the bees. B-Mikael Wood

The Bangles, Sweetheart of the Sun
Now a trio, the ’80s girl-band heroines join forces with producer Matthew Sweet for, if not a return to their Greed Decade glory, something more interesting: a beautifully sustained salute to 1960s-inspired pop. B+Ken Tucker

Mastodon, The Hunter
Atlanta’s finest devil-horn devotees synthesize seemingly dozens of subtly different metal subgenres into a singular pursuit. Those hybrids mutate awesomely, creating one burly, beastly adrenaline spike. A-Kyle Anderson

Daryl Hall, Laughing Down Crying
The blue-eyed-soul vet has become something of a hipster icon thanks to his hit Web series. But this smooth-sailing solo disc hardly sounds like a youth-market concession. Guest rappers or hip-hop beats? He can’t go for that. BMW

Tori Amos, Night of Hunters
Bach. Schubert. Amos? Tori goes all classical master, playing lovely piano variations on Debussy, Satie, and more, with a full orchestra and her teen daughter on vocals. Is this for highbrow fans only? It depends. How do you feel about Gregorian chants? BMelissa Maerz