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When we left Mystic Falls last week, Stefan and Elena shared an emotionally-charged (not to mention one-sided!) phone call that, as Nina Dobrev tells EW, gave Elena just the boost she’d need to continue looking for Stefan (Paul Wesley) in tonight’s episode. “If anything, this phone call was a sign that — despite everyone in her life trying to tell her to back off — she has to keep fighting and fight what she cares about and fight for her love. She’s a very determined young woman,” says Dobrev.

And the second episode shows just that, as Elena and Alaric (Matthew Davis) set off on a road trip to follow up on a lead she has on Stefan’s whereabouts — despite some initial resistance from Alaric. “This is a very big episode for Elena and Alaric because Elena is basically asking Alaric to step up and man up in many ways. She wants him to stop deflecting responsibility and stop sulking and stop being mopey,” she says. “Elena deals with death and tragic experiences a lot, but she also knows she can’t sit and let that stop her life. She has to move on and move forward. And she wants to inspire and encourage him to do the same.”

Stefan’s efforts to stay away, however, will hit a snag in tonight’s episode as Elena finds herself in a hairy situation. “Stefan finds out about [their journey] and he has to protect Elena because she gets in a situation where she could get in danger.” But will the two actually cross paths face-to-face? “They may, they might not,” Dobrev says coyly.

Dobrev adds that in the next few episodes, Elena will not let her quest to get Stefan back for good fall by the wayside — but it also won’t drag out. The show will continue in its tradition, moving plots along at a satisfying pace. “It’s going to come to a head at one point … in the next couple of episodes. We’re not going to drag it out for the next 15 episodes, but it’s also not going to be right away.”

But even though fans hoping for a little Elena and Stefan action might find themselves waiting a bit, Caroline (Candice Accola) and Tyler (Michael Trevino) ‘shippers certainly got a treat at the end of last week’s episode when the two got hot and heavy. (Well, it was a treat before Caroline was captured by Tyler’s mom.) It was a scene that had even Dobrev raving. “They’re sworn emenies — the werewolves and the vampires — and when you put them together and you have that chemistry, it makes for a steamy hot sex scene. And it was awesome. I was surprised how far they went with that … almost like True Blood!” she says.

Vampire Diaries airs tonight at 8 p.m. E.T.

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