By Stephan Lee
Updated September 22, 2011 at 03:23 PM EDT

Whether it’s showing up to the Emmys looking like this only five weeks after giving birth, or personifying the 90’s a bit too well, Tina Fey has proven she can do anything. It’s no surprise she went platinum — by selling more than a million copies of Bossypants, not by dyeing her hair to play younger roles — despite her book cover’s off-putting (or fascinating) hairy man-arms. Since its release back in April, the book of funny essays has claimed the top spot on the New York Times best-seller list for five weeks, and has appeared on the list for 23 consecutive weeks in total. On the most recent chart, it appears at number six. Next thing you know, she’ll be EGOTting. Or PEGOTing, in case this whole book writing thing continues to work out for her.

The reasons for the book’s ongoing popularity are pretty easy to see. The memoir-esque sections, which are my favorite parts, give fans a better look at her life before stardom, when she was in her frumpy, sour 20’s. Other sections are shorter and easier to revisit; the touching (yet still funny, as always) chapter, “A Mother’s Prayer for her Child” has no doubt found its way to countless inboxes and refrigerator doors.

Since we won’t be getting our regular Liz Lemon fix until 2012, tide yourself over by reading or re-reading Bossypants. What are your favorite parts?

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