By Erin Strecker
Updated September 22, 2011 at 09:34 PM EDT

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Who knew Sara Bareilles could move so well? In the video for her new single, “Gonna Get Over You” off her album Kaleidoscope Heart, Bareilles unleashes her inner dancing queen.

In a leather jacket and a classic car that screams ‘Greased Lightning‘, the Sing-Off judge shimmies around a grocery store, and then proceeds to have a highly choreographed dance-off with her fellow West Side Story wannabes.Watch your back, Beyoncé!

The coolest part? Bareilles’ friend Jonah Hill — maybe you’ve heard of him — marks his directing debut with this clip. Watch it below:

I think Hill shows some serious promise, weaving between tight shots of a fantastic-looking Bareilles and wider shots of all the dancers cutting loose in the store. And it’s especially fun to watch the sometimes-reserved Bareilles rock out. Here’s hoping there’s more where that came from on her Kaleidoscope Heart.

Music Mix-ers: What do you all think of a dancing Bareilles? Who else loves this upbeat, catchy tune? And should Jonah Hill keep directing, or should he stick to his day job?

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